Patrick Brandl 

Patrick BrandlSupervisor: Niall Mac Dowell, Jason P Hallett

Research Project: Techno-economic screening of absorption-based CO2 capture

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Asmaa Aly Harraz 

Asmaa Aly HarrazSupervisors: Christos N. Markides; Niall Mac Dowell

Research Project: Developing alternative working fluids for solar-powered refrigeration systems

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Caroline Ganzer 

Caroline GanzerSupervisor: Niall Mac Dowell

Research Project: Pathways to net-zero for power, heat, transport, and industry in the UK

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Solene Chiquier 

Solene ChiquierSupervisor: Niall Mac Dowell

Research Project: The role and value of CDR in delivering the Paris Agreement

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Yoga Wienda Pratama 

Yoga Wienda PratamaSupervisor: Niall Mac Dowell

Current research project: The role and value of clean energy technologies in energy systems of different system characteristics

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Augustin Prado 

Augustin PradoSupervisor: Niall Mac Dowell, Mathilde Fajardy

Research Project: Interaction between negative emission technologies and the power system in the UK.

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Roghayeh Dejan AlGhaithi

Supervisor: Niall Mac Dowell

Research Project: European Energy Transition: Pathway to Net-Zero by 2050

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Matthias Mersch 

Matthias MerschSupervisors: Niall Mac Dowell, Christos N. Markides

Research Project: Technology and system optimisation for efficient low-carbon energy transitions, IDLES project 

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Diego Freire 

Diego FreireSupervisor: Gonzalo Guillen-Gosalbez, Nilay Shah, Niall Mac Dowell

Research Project: Production of sustainable synthetic fuels with the potential to replace fossil analogues

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Judy Jingwei Xie 

Judy XieSupervisors: Niall Mac Dowell, Piera Patrizio

Research Project: Socially equitable pathways towards net zero

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Marwan Sendi 

Supervisors: Paul Fennell, Niall Mac Dowell, Mai Bui

Research Project: Co-production of water with CO2 removal from the air, for the Middle East

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