A view of Europe from space

Imperial is a European university with global reach. The College has 4,000 students and 2,000 staff from other European countries.

In the last decade alone, Imperial has published more than 60,000 research papers with European partners. Collaborations include Europe-wide projects to tackle meningitis and HIV, efforts to remove mobile phone roaming charges within the EU, and the development of next generation electronics.

Imperial's impact across Europe

The interactive map below highlights some of Imperial's partnerships with European colleagues.  Imperial researchers are already working on new European partnerships and applying for Horizon Europe grants. Our academic community are as engaged as ever in building consortia and shaping proposals, ranging from critical doctoral training networks focused on the energy transition and climate mitigation to cutting edge research on infectious diseases and pandemic preparedness.  Imperial researchers work with partners all over Europe to develop the latest technologies and ground-breaking discoveries – sharing expertise, infrastructure and advancing knowledge for the benefit of all


Imperial's impact across Europe

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