How do I apply?

Apply online via the MRes Neurotechnology page of the postgraduate prospectus. Here you will find all the necessary information and instructions to apply.

You need to decide on an MRes project and supervisor before we can process your application. Before you apply, check our projects page to find a suitable project, OR contact a potential supervisor to develop your own project with them.  Visit our Centre for Neurotechnology supervisors and Department of Bioengineering research pages to see a list of potential supervisors and their research interests.  Please name at least one potential supervisor/project in your personal statement when you apply.

There is NO application fee for MRes programmes for 22/23 entry.

I don't know which academic member of staff I wish to be supervised by...

Please check our projects page first to see if there is an existing project that is suitable for you.  If none of the projects listed is right for you, you can design your own project with your proposed supervisor.  Visit our Centre for Neurotechnology supervisors, and Department of Bioengineering research and academic staff web pages to help you decide on which supervisor(s) to contact.  We recommend that you have a few choices in case your preferred supervisor does not have space in their lab or is not taking on MRes students this year. Contact your potential supervisors informally before applying online to talk to them about projects and opportunities; it is helpful to include an up-to-date CV.

Please name at least one potential supervisor (or exising project) in your personal statement when you apply.

I have a biological/medical sciences background - can I still apply?

We normally expect applicants to have a physical science or engineering background, to ensure that they can manage the mathematical/programming/engineering elements of the syllabus.  However, if you have a background in biological/medical science (eg neuroscience) then we may still be able to consider you if you have good quantitative skills; for example university-level mathematics, engineering, experience in programming etc.

If you are not sure whether your background fits, we encourage you to look at the MRes Neurotechnology syllabus 19-20 to see what is involved in the taught courses, then to discuss your background with your potential supervisor.  Different projects will require different levels of expertise in these subjects, so the superivsor would be able to advise you on whether your background is suitable for their research project.

When applying, make sure you include transcripts or evidence of any appropriate (eg mathematics/engineering/physical science) modules you may have taken as part of your degree.

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications will be considered in three rounds. When you apply will determine which round you are considered in and when you can expect a decision on your application.

  • Round 1 deadline: Wednesday 15 December 2021.  Decision can be expected by end of January 2022.
  • Round 2 deadline: Tuesday 1 March 2022. Decision can be expected by mid-April 2022.
  • Round 3 deadline: Tuesday 5 July 2022. Decision can be expected by mid-August 2022.

If you are applying for one of the projects listed on the project page, we encourage you to apply in Round 1.  If you apply in a later round, there is no guarantee that your preferred project will still be available.

We advise applicants to apply early as the limited number of places might be allocated before the deadlines are reached.

How can I find out if my degree meets the entry requirements for the programme?

Broadly, we require a degree in engineering, physical or life science at a level equivalent to a UK First Class or Upper Second Class Honours degree. This is generally higher than the college Postgraduate minimum academic requirements. If you have a life science/biological/medical background we also require a reasonable standard of mathematical ability.

If you would like to know whether your qualifications meet our minimum requirements please email be.pgadmissions@imperial.ac.uk stating your degree subject, the institution your graduated from and your final achieved or expected grade.

Please note that meeting the minimum academic requirement does not guarantee you will be made an offer of admission. 

MRes and PhD Programmes (1+3 degrees)

Unfortunately the four-year CDT Neurotechnology programme is no longer running.  However, the MRes Neurotechnology, MRes Bioengineering or MRes Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship can form the first year of effectively a 4 year PhD (1 year MRes + 3 year Phd), but you must apply for each programme separately. You apply for the PhD in the normal way, while studying for the MRes. Admission to the MRes does not guarantee admission to the PhD programme.

I have filled in my application, but do I need to send the two reference letters with it?

We require two references in order to assess your application. When you apply via Imperial Gateway you will be asked to nominate two referees. These should normally be academic referees, but if you have significant work experience, you may use a professional referee.

Referees will be contacted by Imperial College and sent instructions for submitting a reference - we cannot accept references sent by you. We will not be able to pass your application on to your proposed supervisor until we have received two references, so please speak to your referees beforehand to ensure they are willing and able to provide a reference for you.

I am not a native English speaker - do I need to take an English Language test before I apply?

No - you can make your application first and take the test later, but you must meet the College English Language requirements before your place at the college is confirmed.

Can I study part-time?

No - we only offer the course on a full-time basis.

The start date is always October, which is the start of the Autumn term.

Are there any tips to ensure that my application is successful?

Every application is carefully considered on its merits. To maximise your chances of success, you should ensure that you do the following:

  • Make contact with potential supervisors before applying to ensure your skills and qualifications are a good fit for any available projects
  • Name at least one potential supervisor in your personal statement
  • Supply a clear and concise personal statement which details your aptitude and motivation for applying, your interest in your supervisor's specific research area and your academic and/or career plans
  • Ensure your referees are willing and able to provide prompt references for you

Are there any funding opportunities for which I can apply

Unfortunately, we do not offer funding for the MRes Neurotechnology. 

You can read more about scholarships and postgraduate loans on the Postgraduate Funding webpage.