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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z

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Adrian Butler

Professor of Subsurface Hydrology, DIC, PhD, FRMetS, FGS
Director of MSc in Hydrology
Sub surface flow and transport processes and their environmental impact. 

Wouter Buytaert

Professor in Hydrology and Water Resources, PhD
Digital Communications Coordinator
Hydrology and water resources; Environmental change; Land use impacts; Hydrological modelling; Data assimilation and uncertainty analysis; Decision support systems; Sustainable development; Tropical hydrology. 

Geoff Fowler

Senior Research Fellow, PhD, MRSC, CChem
Department Safety Officer
Thermal and microwave pyrolysis; activated carbon production and application; Contaminated land treatment; Hazardous waste management; Composite recycling; Water jetting.

Sue Grimes

Professor and Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Waste and Resource Management, PhD, MBA, DipMRS, CSci. CChem. FRSC, CEnv, MCIWM
Director of MSc in Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate Year 4 Coordinator

Recovery of value components from wastes for conversion to commercially useful products; Closed-loop methodologies towards resource efficiency; Decision-support tools for sustainable waste management.

Evina Katsou

Professor of Water Engineering, PhD
Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Technologies and Green Technology Innovations, AI-Driven Environmental Solutions and Big Data Analytics in Water Management, Greenhouse Gas monitoring and mitigation in Water systems, Carbon Footprint Mitigation Strategies, Circular Economy Implementation: Water, Biobased Systems and other sectors, Sustainable Water Resources and Environmental Management Metrics, Renewable Resource Utilization and Biorefinery Approaches in Industry applications, Sustainability & Circularity Measurement and Assessment, Integration of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA), Risk Assessment and Social Impact Assessments  

Po-Heng (Henry) Lee

Senior Lecturer in Wastewater Engineering, PhD
Anaerobic biotechnology, i.e., fermentation, digestion, anammox, quantum-induced metabolism, for mining resources from wastewaters with thermodynamic and meta'omic techniques

Ana Mijic

Reader in Water Systems Integration, PhD, DIC
Co-Director of the Cente for Systems Engineering and InnovationOutreach Coordinator
Satish Dhawan Visiting Chair Professorship at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore
Urban hydrology and urban ecosystems; Groundwater-sewer interactions; Urban water and energy use; Water resources assessment and climate change mitigation.

Christian Onof

Reader in Stochastic Environmental Systems, PhD, DIC, FSS
Stochastic modeling of precipitation related variables and the impact of climate change upon hydrological variables. 

Athanasios Paschalis

Senior Lecturer in Hydrology, PhD
Lecture Programme Coordinator 
Stochastic modelling of rainfall; Probability theory and statistics; Ecohydrology and water/soil/plant atmosphere interactions; Physically based modelling for catchment hydrology; Natural hazard risk analysis.

Stephen R. Smith

Professor of Bioresource Systems, BSc, PhD, MCIWM, MCIWEM, C.WEM, CEnv
Head of Environmental and Water Resources (EWRE) Section 
Bioresources management, treatment, land application, agronomic value, environmental and health impact; Energy products from biodegradable solid waste. 

Ivan Stoianov

Reader in Water Systems Engineering, PhD
Modelling and optimal control of water supply and wastewater systems: Sensing and monitoring of civil engineering infrastructure; Founder of the InfraSense lab.

Michael Templeton

Professor of Public Health Engineering, PhD, CEng, FICE
Oxfam and Water For People / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Global Sanitation Technology
Drinking water quality and treatment; Chemical and microbiological contaminants in water; Disinfection processes; Disinfection by-products; Water and sanitation for developing countries. 
Environment Engineering Academics A-Z
Environment Academics A-Z

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Fluid Mechanics Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z

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Henry Burridge

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Transport of heat and mass by convection; Convection in the built environment; Effective ventilation of buildings; Modification of natural materials for use in buildings.

Adrian Callaghan

Senior Lecturer, PhD
Director of MSc Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments
Breaking waves; Surface water waves; Two-phase flows; Air-entrainment; Upper ocean turbulence. 

Marios Christou

Senior Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics and Mathematics, PhD, DIC, MEng, ACGI
Metocean, Offshore and coastal engineering; Wave statistics; Freak/rogue waves; Analysis of field measurements; Wave-structure interaction; Wave-vessel interaction; Infragravity waves; Side-by-side and tandem offloading; Boundary Element Modelling.

John Craske

Senior Lecturer, Imperial College Research Fellow, PhD
Undergraduate Examinations Officer
Building physics; Buoyancy-driven turbulence; Jets and plumes; Numerical analysis; Inverse problems; Adjoint methods; Flow optimisation; Data assimilation.

Graham Hughes

Chair in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Head of Fluid Mechanics Section
Buoyancy-driven flows; Stratified turbulence and mixing; Convection; Turbulent plumes and jets; Flow energetics.

Ioannis Karmpadakis

Lecturer in Coastal Engineering, PhD
Coastal engineering, wave heights, crest heights, wave breaking, coastal structures, nonlinear waves, shallow water depths, statistics
Email Ioannis

Li Ma

Lecturer in Fluid-Structure Interaction, PhD, DIC, MEng, ACGI
Fluid-structure interaction; Renewable energy systems; Extreme waves; Load statistics; Reliability; Hydrodynamic impacts; Wave-in-deck; Convective flows
Email Li

Costanza Rodda

Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics, PhD
Geophysical fluid mechanics, wave-vortex interactions, turbulence, buoyancy-driven flows, building ventilation, laboratory experiments, data-driven modelling

Daniel Valero Huerta

Senior Lecturer, PhD
Hydraulic engineering; Hydraulic infrastructure; River flows; Multiphase flows; Plastic in rivers; Air-water flows; Sediment-laden flows

Maarten van Reeuwijk 

Professor of Urban Fluid Mechanics, BSc MSc PhD
Buoyancy driven flows; Atmospheric and oceanic turbulence; Sustainable cities; Flow and dispersion in urban canopies; Heat and mass transfer; Direct Numerical Simulation; Large-eddy simulation.
Fluid Mechanics Academics A-Z
Fluid Mechanics

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Geotechnics Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z

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Richard Jardine

Professor of Geomechanics, FREng, MSc, DIC, PhD, FICE, FCGI
Soil mechanics; Constitutive behaviour; Laboratory and field experiments; Instrumentation; Geotechnical design; Soft Ground engineering; Deep foundations; Offshore geotechnics; Geohazards; Cold region geotechnics.

James Lawrence

Reader in Geological Engineering, PhD
Undergraduate Year 1 Coordinator
Upper cretaceous carbonates (Chalk); Geological disposal of radioactive waste; Geomechanics; Structural geology; Petroleum reservoir characterisation; Modelling slope instability; Coastal recession related to the impact of climate change and weathering of rock.

Truong Le

Lecturer, PhD
Soil properties, advanced laboratory testing, soil characterisation, soft and stiff clayey soils, geotechnical instrumentation.
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Catherine O'Sullivan

Professor of Particulate Soil Mechanics, PhD, MIEI
Head of Geotechnics Section
Discrete element modelling; Particulate soil mechanics; Micro-computed tomography; Internal erosion; Stress wave propagation; Cyclic soil response; Validation of discrete element models (DEM).
Dave Potts

Dave Potts 

GCG Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, PhD, FREng, CEng, FICE
Application of FEM to geotechnical problems; Geotechnical numerical analysis; Constitutive modelling; Soil-structure interaction.

David Solans Roa

Teaching Fellow in Geotechnics, PhD
Numerical modelling of geotechnical infrastructure under static and seismic loading conditions.
Jamie Standing

Jamie Standing

Professor of Ground Engineering, PhD, CEng, MICE
Chair of the Undergraduate Exam Board
Soil-structure interaction; Tunnelling and deep excavations; Field monitoring; Piles; Model testing; Partly saturated soils and residual soils.

David Taborda

Reader in Geomechanical Modelling,  DIC, PhD 
Department ICT Representative
Computational geomechanics; Constitutive modelling of soils; Soil dynamics; Cyclic soil behaviour; Soil-Structure interaction; Geothermal energy systems; Thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of soils; Optimisation algorithms.

Katerina Tsiampousi

Senior Lecturer PhD
Director of the MSc Programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering
THM modelling of geo-materials; Behaviour of partially saturated media in deep nuclear repositories; Reliability and risk of geotechnical structures (excavations, tunnels, slopes, foundations); Behaviour of railway embankments under seasonal changes in suction.

Ken Vinck

Lecturer in Geotechnics, MSc, DIC, PhD
Director of MSc in Soil Mechanics

Advanced laboratory testing and field experiments, Soil and Site characterisation; Offshore geotechnics; Hydraulic fill; Soil improvement; Planetary geotechnics; Carbonate soils.

Lidija Zdravkovic

Professor of Computational Geomechanics, DIC, PhD 
Development and application of FEM in geotechnical engineering; Constitutive modelling; Unsaturated soils; THM modelling of geomaterials; Soil-structure interaction; Laboratory testing of soils.
Geotechnics Academics A-Z
Geotechnics Academics A-Z

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Materials Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z


Craig Buchanan

Senior Lecturer in Construction, PhD
Professional Institutions Liaison Officer
3D printing, metals, Material testing, Structural testing, Finite element modelling.

Nick Buenfeld

Professor of Concrete Structures,PhD, DIC, FICE, FIStructE, FREng
Concrete structures; Deterioration mechanisms; Design for durability; Condition assessment and monitoring; Life prediction of new and existing concrete structures. 

Chris Cheeseman

Professor of Materials Resources Engineering, PhD, MCIWM
Head of Materials Section
Waste management; Beneficial reuse of wastes; Low-carbon materials; Waste encapsulation technologies.

Livia Cupertino Malheiros

Lecturer, PhD
Hydrogen embrittlement; Materials science; Metallurgy; Corrosion; Environmentally assisted fracture; Engineering alloys; Fracture mechanics

Rupert Myers

Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Materials Engineering, PhD
Industrial ecology; Circular economy; Sustainable cities; Beneficial use of wastes/by-products; Cement, minerals, and aquatic chemistry/thermodynamics; Open science.

Hong Wong

Professor of Concrete Materials, PhD, DIC
Director of MSc in Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure
Undergraduate Year 2 Coordinator
Cement, concrete, microstructure, petrography, porous media, mass transport properties, durability, sustainability, low-carbon materials.

Chao Wu

Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Materials, PhD
Polymer and polymer based composites, Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and structures, Fatigue and fracture mechanics, Engineered cementitious composites (ECC), Structural retrofitting, Timber

Marcus Yio

Research Fellow, PhD
Laboratory Manager for the new Centre for Infrastructure Materials (CIM)
Cementitious materials; Concrete durability; Microstructure; Microscopy; Image analysis
Email Marcus
Materials Academics A-Z
Structures Academics A-Z

Structures Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z

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Leroy Gardner

Professor of Structural Engineering, PhD, DIC, CEng, FICE, FIStructE, FREng
Head of Structural Engineering Section
Structural testing; Numerical modelling and the development of design guidance for steel structures.

Bassam Izzuddin

Professor of Computational Structural Mechanics, PhD, DIC, MASCE, CEng, FIStructE, FREng
Nonlinear structural analysis; Finite element analysis; Extreme loading; Simplified modelling; Robustness and progressive collapse; Multi-scale modelling; Steel structures; Concrete structures; Glass structures.

Pinelopi Kyvelou

Lecturer in Structural Engineering, PhD, DIC
Testing, numerical modelling and development of design guidance for steel structures, metallic 3D printed elements, cold-formed steel systems. 

Luke Louca

Reader in Engineering Structures, PhD
Behaviour and design of structures subjected to explosions. 

Lorenzo Macorini

Professor of Structural Engineering, PhD
Director of the MSc in General Structural Engineering 
Director of the MSc in Structural Steel Design
Masonry structures (numerical modelling, analysis under extreme loading, strengthening); Computational structural mechanics; Composite structures (long-term and collapse behaviour, seismic performance).

Christian Malaga Chuquitaype

Senior Lecturer in Structures, PhD, DIC
Director of the MSc in Earthquake Engineering
Postdoc Champion

Earthquake engineering and structural dynamics; structural timber engineering and hybrid construction, resilient and smart structures; performance-based and multi-hazard structural design.

Andrew Phillips

Reader in Structural Biomechanics, PhD, CEng, MIMechE
Learning Threads Coordinator
Biomechanics, FE and inverse dynamics; Musculo-skeletal modelling; Blast biomechanics; Orthopaedic device assessment / design, Structural optimization. 

Sunday Popo-Ola

Senior Research and Teaching Fellow, PhD, DIC, FHEA
Structural engineering and testing; Composite construction, Modern method of construction, Fixing and anchor technology; Cladding and façade technology; Indigenous materials; Structural modelling; BIM; CAD and expert witness.
Andy Pullen

Andy Pullen

Senior Research Fellow
Department IC-TAP Representative
Structures, Structural materials; Blast and impact loading behaviour; Elements under impact; Extreme compressive stresses; Strain rate.

Ana Ruiz-Teran

Senior Lecturer in Bridge Engineering, PhD, CEng, MICE, FHEA
Director of MSc in Concrete Structures
Senior Tutor, Postgraduate Research
Bridge engineering; Structural engineering; Innovative types of cable-stayed bridges; Spatial arch bridges; Footbridges; Accidental breakage of stay cables; Prestressed concrete; Bridge design.

Adam Jan Sadowski

Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering, PhD
Department GTA Coordinator
Senior Tutor, Postgraduate Taught
Thin and thick shell structures, stability of shells.

Peter Stafford

Professor of Engineering Seismology, PhD
Department Careers Adviser
Quantitative risk analysis; Probabilistic methods in engineering seismology and earthquake engineering; Reliability theory. 

Margaret Szabo

Senior Teaching Fellow in Structures, PhD, FHEA
Senior Tutor, Undergraduate 
Undergraduate Year 3 Coordinator
Structural mechanics, structural design, biomechanics

Robert Vollum

Professor of Structural Concrete, PhD, CEng, MIStructE
Director of EPSRC CDT Sustainable Civil Engineering
Long-term deflections of reinforced concrete slabs; Beam-column joints; Shear in beams; Punching shear; Numerical modelling of reinforced concrete structures; Strut and tie modelling; Control of early age thermal cracking.

Ahmer Wadee

Professor of Nonlinear Mechanics, PhD, CMath, FIMA, CSci, MRI
Director of Postgraduate Research
Structural stability; Structural mechanics; Structural engineering; Laminated composite and layered materials; Steel structures; Sandwich structures; Nonlinear buckling theory; Applied mathematics; Structural failure; Solid mechanics.
Structures Academics A-Z
Structures Academics A-Z

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Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z


Jennifer Whyte

RAEng Chair in Systems Integration
Co-director of the Cente for Systems Engineering and Innovation

Systems integration in civil infrastructure.

Ana Mijic

Senior Lecturer in Urban Water Management, PhD, DIC
Co-director of the 
Urban hydrology and urban ecosystems; Groundwater-sewer interactions; Urban water and energy use; Water resources assessment and climate change mitigation.
Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation Academics A-Z
Systems Academics A-Z

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Transport Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z

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Panagiotis Angeloudis

Reader in Transport Systems and Logistics, PhD, DIC, ACGI
Director of MSc Course in Transport 

Design of urban infrastructure; Port operations; Urban construction logistics; Disaster response; Network reliability; Transport resilience; Maritime transport.

Sergio Batista

Lecturer, PhD
Traffic Flow Theory, Network modeling and travel behavior, Optimization, Sustainable transportation and climate change

Jose Escribano

Lecturer, PhD
Humanitarian logistics; Stochastic optimization; Air traffic management and control; Unmanned aerial system; Evacuation

Dan Graham 

Professor of Statistical Modelling, PhD
Head of the Centre for Transport Engineering and Modelling
Statistical modelling; Causal inference; Spatial statistics; Transport economics and modelling.

Fangce Guo

Research Fellow, PhD
Short-term traffic prediction.
Email Fangce

Arnab Majumdar 

Professor of Transport Risk and Safety, PhD, CEng
Aviation and railway safety analysis; Environmental impacts of aviation; Terminal and En-route Airspace capacity estimation methods; Human performance analysis in transport, e.g. workload and fatigue; Pilot and air traffic controller error analysis; Human reliability analysis in railways; Human behavior in mass evacuation.

Washington Ochieng 

Chair in Positioning and Navigation Systems, BSc, MSc, PhD, FREng, CEng, FICE, FRIN, FInstCES, FCIHT
Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Co-Director of the College’s Institute for Security Science and Technology (ISST) 

Positioning, Navigation and timing (PNT) systems; Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); Geomatics; Geodesy; Air traffic Management and Control (ATM/ATC); Structural integrity monitoring; Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications.

Jacek Pawlak

Research Fellow, PhD
Transport demand and travel behaviour modelling; Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and travel behaviour; digital time use and connectivity; travel time use; productivity; valuation of travel time savings; big data enrichment methods and applications.
Email Jacek

Mohammed Quddus

Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems, PhD DIC FHEA
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), Safety analytics and modelling, Motorway operations and simulation, Applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in transport

Aruna Sivakumar

Reader in Consumer Demand Modelling and Urban Systems, PhD
Chair of the Equality, Diversity and Departmental Culture (EDDC) committee
Tutor for Women

Travel behaviour and demand modelling; Econometrics and discrete choice; Urban energy systems and modelling end user demand; Integrated urban models; Modelling urban freight.

Marc Stettler

Reader in Transport and the Environment, PhD
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Environmental impacts of transport; Emissions modelling and measurement; Air quality; Environmental impacts of aviation; Alternative fuels; Emissions control technologies.
Transport Academics A-Z
Transport Academics A-Z

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