Research support team

The Department’s Research Manager, Rita Carvalho coordinates the review and approval of letters of support and manages queries around application rules for internal and external funding calls. Rita Carvalho can also be contacted for discussions around complex grant costings.

The Department of Surgery and Cancer is home to a diverse body of ground-breaking research. Much of this research is funded from grants awarded by external funders, applying for grant funding and managing existing awards.

Grant applications

The Department has an effective support structure in place to assist with grant applications. Working in a planned and managed way will enable you to make the most of the support available and contribute towards the success of your funding applications.

Applications for all research grants are costed by the divisional administrators using the Worktribe system - the College’s costing tool. All applications require prior approval from the Department and the Joint Research Office (JRO), obtained via the Worktribe system. Obtaining the necessary approvals takes time, therefore you should be ready to submit far enough in advance of the sponsor's deadline to allow for the necessary peer review, letters of support, signatures, budget correction and approvals to be completed.

Notifying your Divisional Manager of your intention to apply for a grant as early as possible will enable them to involve the JRO and Research Manager in good time. This should be at least 3-4 weeks prior to the application deadline to allow preparation of costings by Divisional administrators and approval by the Department and the JRO. For programme grants a minimum of 5 weeks is required.

Peer review

The Department offers the opportunity for peer review of your fellowship applications for competitive external and internal calls for funding. Contact the Department’s Research Manager, Rita Carvalho, to organise this and for further information.

Pre-award management

At the pre-award stage, a grant application for research funding is costed by the Divisional Administrator with the input of the Principal Investigator and reviewed and approved by the Department and the JRO, before the application can be submitted to the funder.

Due to the high volume of applications, academics should allow JRO Grants five working days prior to the funding deadline to review details.

Award management

The result of the application for research funding is sent by the funding body to the academic, who must then notify JRO Grants of the outcome - awarded or declined - to update College systems.

Post-award management

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure awards are managed in accordance with sponsors terms and conditions. Divisional administrators will provide assistance and support with the monitoring of spend, to ensure compliance and work with the Joint Research Office to facilitate reconciliation of grants and reporting to funders.