All PhDs in ESE are assigned to one of three 'streams': Earth and PlanetsN‌atural Resources Geoscience and Engineering; or Computational Geoscience and Engineering.

ESE members complete a wide array of work across these three themes - from Exploring Space to unravelling the intricacies of our Ocean and Climate to mapping potentially dangerous Hazards

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contact and support

Contact and support

For any queries, please contact the relevant Postgraduate Committee and support teams:

ESE GradSoc

Earth Science and Engineering Graduate Society (GradSoc)

ESE GradSoc is run by PhD students to help connect ESE's roughly 180 PhD students. The Society holds social and academic events, and meets with the postgraduate staff representatives to raise queries voiced by the ESE PhD community.

Committee members: David Pedreros Bastidas, Sarah Robinson, Harriet Dawson, Michael Sims, Rita Kounoudis and Mahmoud Nourelyamani.



The Department has strong links to industry, ensuring that course content and delivery are up-to-date and focussed on the requirements of our students and of our industrial partners. 

If you have a question about careers sessions, or a suggestion of an organisation you would like to speak to your cohort, please email Victoria Murphy, Liaison and Communications Manager.

For help at any stage of your career, including job hunting and CVs, visit the Imperial College Careers Service.

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We feature profiles from past students on our pages, so you can learn from others' experiences. 

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