To help ensure that we are continuously improving, and achieving our aims in research, education, recruitment, and providing a positive experience and a safe and supportive environment for staff and students, the department has a number of committees and forums.

Committees and forums

Department Teaching Committee

The Department Teaching Committee (DTC) is the Department's committee which aims to set the overall direction of the Department in education and student experience, focusing particularly on academic policy, curriculum development and adjustments. The Committee's work is primarily driven by items raised by the Department Management Committee, the DUGS team, the Education Office, the Year Organisers, and input from the Student-Staff Committee. In addition, the Committee is responsible for the implementation of College-wide initiatives.

Regular members
  • Director UG Studies (chair)
  • Director MSc Studies
  • EEE course director
  • EIE course director
  • UG senior tutor
  • MSc senior tutor
  • UG year organisers
  • Education manager
  • Education support officer
  • Projects and Admin Assistant to DUGS (Committee secretary)
Members by exception
  • PG senior tutor - when matters relating to MSc are discussed
  • A non-voting student representative is invited to atttend when it is deemed necessary by the committee
Meeting schedule

Meetings are held approximatly every six week. 

DTC terms of reference

Industrial Advisory Board

To ensure the Department best meets the needs of its students, staff, the College, and critically the wider UK including graduate employers and research partners, we need an effective, mutually beneficial relationship with industry and government.

The Department's Industrial Advisory Board includes Science, Engineering and Technology representatives from UK-based companies across a number of sectors. The group meets twice a year to share to assist the Department in addressing the major strategic issues affecting us over the next 5 years, and to provide a longer term outlook based on emerging national and international policies and opportunities.


The group comprises 10-20 members at any time. Membership from other sectors and organisations will be sought as priorities change and develop, and the balance of membership across industrial sectors adjusted when required, as agreed by current members.

Contact: Susan Brace

MSc Management Committee

The MSc Management Committee meets in the Autumn term and normally at least once more in academic year, to plan and make decisions on all matters relating to running of our MSc degree courses e.g. MSc admssions, regulations, project allocation etc.  The committee ensures department-wide good practice and standards, ensuring College policy is implemented and QAA objectives are met. 


  • Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • MSc Course Directors
  • Postgraduate Manager
  • MSc Course Administrators

Academic Excellence Committee

The committee considers allegations of plagiarism in light of evidence and comments submitted by module leaders and students, and decides penalty according to College regulations.

Chair: Danilo Mandic. Members: Balarko Chaudhuri, Paul Mitcheson, Tom Pike.

Awards Panel Committee

The Awards Panel's role is to decide on the allocation of the Department and College’s available funding resources to PhD candidates, with the aim of attracting and securing PhD candidates with research interests that fall within the research activities of the department. 

‌You can read Awards Panel Policy (pdf) and Assessment criteria (pdf) used to assess each candidate.  

Awards Panel Meetings
The Awards Panel meets regularly throughout the year: normally in Nov, end January, end of March and June. November panel allocates funding for current academic year, if there's any budget left over, and selects to fund candidates from the next year's budget. 

Minutes of these meetings are available to staff members (login required).


The Awards Panel normally includes at least one member of academic staff from each research group. Members of the Panel are appointed by the Head of Department and the Director of Postgraduate Studies, after a consultation with the Awards Panel members. The members of the Awards Panel are appointed for a duration of 5 years. The panel consists of:

  • Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • Academic staff members (x4 from each research group)

Department Management Committee

The DMC is the department's top level committee which aims to set the overall direction of the department in education, research, the pursuit of scholarships, allocation of resources and budgets. The committee meets fortnightly.

Membership: Head of Department, Deputy Head of Department, Director of Research, Department Operations Manager, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Director of Postgraduate Studies.

In order to help ensure the workings of the DMC are transparent, and to widen participation, an additional member from different staff groups is co-opted each term.

Contact: Anna McCormick

DICE - Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Equity Committee

Our department's Diversity, Inclusion, Culture and Equity Committee (DICE) acts as a forum for discussion of all matters relating to EDI and department culture.

Health and Safety Committee

The Department's Health and Safety Committee receives, reviews and monitors:

  • any reports of accidents, dangerous occurences or work related health problems;
  • reports from safety representatives;
  • the results of inspections carried out by departmental safety officers, committee members, the College, HSE or other regulatory authorities;
  • staff training;
  • provisions for emergency evacuations, drills and first aid.

PhD Exam Entry and Examiners Review Committee

PhD exam entry and nomination of examiners review committee

This panel approves nomination of appropriate examininers for each PhD examination who are able to make a fair and independent assessment of a candidate and their thesis, in accordance with the College's 'Procedure for Appointment of Examiners for Research Degrees.'


  • Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • Postgraduate Tutor

Postdoc and Fellows Committee

The Department's Postdoc and Fellows Committee is made up of postdocs and fellows from across all of EEE, and includes a Postdoc and Fellows Champion.
The aim of the committee is to be the voice of postdocs and fellows at every forum in the Department, and to arrange social and information events. These include termly coffee and cake gatherings, career-focused workshops and seminars, and a Research Symposium where postdocs and fellows can present their research to a large audience from academia and industry.

Research Strategy Management Committee

The committee meets at least once each terlm to discuss top-level strategic management issues.


  • Head of Department                                                  
  • Deputy Head of Department                                           
  • Research Director                                              
  • Heads of Research Groups

Staff Meeting

Staff meetings are held at the start of each term, all staff are invited to attend.

Student / Staff Committees

The Department has an active student body who are very helpful in assisting us to develop the service and teaching we provide.

The Postgraduate and Undergraduate Student/Staff Committees are an important part of this feedback process.

Sustainability Committee


  • Chair: Bikash Pal
  • Alice Ashley-Smith (DOM)
  • Emilie D'Olne (Postgraduate)
  • Joanna Fownes (Estates)
  • Zia Rahman (Buildings and Projects Manager EEE)
  • Adria Junyent-Ferre
  • Tim Green (Academic Lead for Sustainability, Imperial College)

Systems Support and Strategy Committee

The Systems Support and Strategy Committee meets once a term to oversee the development of and implement the Departments systems support strategy across education, research and administration, ensuring alignment with the College and ICT projects and needs within the Department.  The Committee is also responsible for the prioritisation and the strategic direction of systems support within the Department.


  • Director of UG Studies – Chair
  • Head of Computing Support Team
  • Chair of Information Systems Working Group 
  • Education Office Manager 
  • Department Operations Manager 
  • Research representative 
  • Ed Tech lead
  • Secretary – EA to DUGS