Scholarships for International Students

Imagine having the aptitude and ambition to study at Imperial but being unable to finance that goal. With degrees at top universities now costing upwards of £100,000 for international students, it’s a situation that too many talented young people find themselves in. Your support can provide scholarship opportunities for individuals from an individual country or broader geographical region.

Kevin Heritier“I chose to study at Imperial as it is world-renowned in the field of space physics. This would not have been possible without my scholarship. As a French citizen this scholarship was the only way I could fund my work and undertake my PhD at Imperial. I am so grateful for this opportunity, which represents a true milestone in my career.”

Kevin Heritier, President's PhD Scholar

In spite of being highly international, we know that there are talented students from a range of countries that are still underrepresented within the College community. We believe that a scholarship at the College can transform the lives of the next generation of aspiring future leaders and scientists. 

These scholarships will give talented young people the financial support at a time when they need it most, enabling them to build for themselves the life they choose. Its impact will be felt throughout their lifetime.

Support for students from low and middle income countries are a priority for the Scholarships Challenge.

The Beacon Scholarship, established and part-funded by The Beacon Equity Trust with top-up funding by Imperial, supports gifted students in financial need and has been designed to help nurture their leadership potential. Imperial is one of six UK universities to partner with The Beacon Equity Trust, which supports talented young people from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia access world-class education.

Santayian KantaiMedical student Santayian Kantai, from Kenya, is a recipient of The Beacon Scholarship at Imperial. Speaking of the scholarship, she said: “I believe that everyone has leadership capabilities, for me personally I have found that this scholarship has helped me be more aware of my capabilities and to put them into practice. In doing so I now have the confidence to take initiative and to take up leadership positions that I once may have shied away from.”

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Scholarships can be established for students from specific countries or regions. Matched funding may be available for international scholarships. To explore how you can support international scholarships, please contact Clare Turner at