Help us equip the top medical professionals of the future and remove barriers to a world-class education.


Thousands of the brightest medical minds have trained at our facilities across west London. From the first students at Westminster hospital in 1700’s to our current cohort, equipping the next generation of physicians with the skills and techniques needed is among our most important work, as it ensures the best outcomes for patients.

With governmental support waning, academic fees rising, and the costs of recruiting and retaining talent higher than ever, philanthropic support is essential to maintain our reputation for excellence and support our brightest students at the start of their medical careers. Investment in people, programmes, and infrastructure is needed to ensure Imperial maintains its position as one of the world’s leading medical training and research institutions.

Your impact in action

You have no idea how much the aid you give shapes lives. I genuinely did not think I would able to afford university even with all the government funding, but because of all the support I have been given, I am soon to be a qualified F1, who has found a new family, and a new place to call home. I have discovered that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought I was, because of the freedom I have been given, due to my financial support from Imperial.

 - Mohammed Ehsaanuz Zaman, Medicine

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