Student at Graduation in front of Imperial sign

Over 295 people have given to scholarships and research at Imperial by leaving a gift in their will. Legacy gifts help us to advance at the forefront of research and education and plan for the future with confidence. The support of inspiring donors gives our wonderful staff and students the courage and confidence to achieve excellence.

Why do people leave a legacy gift to Imperial? Many speak of their wish to “give something back” in gratitude for their own experience at Imperial, and the professional opportunities their education opened up for them. For many, it’s an interest in the science that motivates them to give. Others want today’s young people to be able to afford their university years, without having to worry about money during their studies. 

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Theo Wilson

Theo Wilson (Chemistry 1952)

“I want to play a part in furthering Imperial’s tradition of great scientific advances. I hope my gift will be of great benefit to students in the future.”

Vasilios Paschaleris

Vasilios Paschaleris (Engineering 1990)

"My love for the College motivated me to leave a legacy gift – I have many nice memories of my time there. I hope that my gift will help students in some way."