Our student hardship programmes provide emergency assistance to students who find themselves in unexpected financial need and have no other sources of support available. 

Donations to student hardship offer a lifeline for students struggling to meet the costs of higher education in the city. When money is tight, any unexpected additional cost can tip a student into genuine financial difficulty. Your kind gift helps students who find themselves needing immediate support due to a bereavement, illness, comflict overseas or an increased cost in childcare or housing. For these students, something that might seem like a small setback can constitute a temporary or even permanent break in their studies – which makes graduating and pursuing a career nearly impossible.  

Your impact in action

This support will allow me to continue studying on my course and will help me to pay for my living. It is a blessing for my mental health and I am so grateful. Knowing that I can reach out for financial help allows me to focus on my studies and motivates me to work even harder so that in the future I can become a donor.

- Riya Gujarathi, Aeronautical Engineering with Spacecraft Engineering

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