Children taking part in a science activity

Engaging children and communities with science and technology as never before

In 2022 we launch a major fundraising initiative that will see the Imperial College London community coming together around a new vision for outreach and engagement.

Our goal is to raise £25 million to support Science for Everyone, a programme of events and activities that will give people the opportunity to get involved with science as never before. Science for Everyone will focus on building science skills, public engagement, inclusive innovation and new global collaborations. Combining digital with hands-on events and activities, it will reach communities across the UK and internationally, particularly in the most disadvantaged areas.

Past philanthropic support has been transformative, turning Imperial into one of the world’s most inventive and impactful centres for university science outreach. Gifts have enabled the creation of the Wohl Reach Out Lab, The Invention Rooms and the Dangoor Reach Out Makerspace, and supported some of our most exciting programmes for children and young people. As we open a new chapter, your gift builds on these foundations, supporting existing activities with proven impact and enabling us to pioneer new initiatives which will touch the lives of thousands.

Child playing with tablet and project

Throughout my career as a scientist and educator, the most important thing has been to find a way to kindle students’ interest and bring topics alive in a way that makes sense to them. That moment when the mind catches light is something that you can feel and see in students’ eyes."

Professor Maggie Dallman

Associate Provost (Academic Partnerships) Vice President (International)

Our philanthropic priorities

Building on more than 45 years of experience in outreach and engagement, our goal now is to extend our reach, to connect with more people across London, the UK and internationally, and build skills, confidence and engagement with science and technology. Philanthropy will enable us to realise our vision for a new and expanded programme of activity across four strategic themes:

STEM learning, local inclusion

STEM learning

We will offer new opportunities for young people of all ages and backgrounds to gain new skills and confidence in science, technology and innovation. From focused support for A-level students considering a career in science, to hands-on science sessions for younger children, we are building skills for the future

Local inclusion

New collaborations will create exciting opportunities for underrepresented communities in London and across the UK. From community-led science skills programmes in White City to partnerships with peer institutions across the country, we are pioneering new approaches to inclusive innovation.

Science for society / global development

Science for society

By lifting barriers to participation, we open science for society. Through this campaign we can make science more accessible, enabling people to connect with and influence our science in a way that feels right for them, whether as a ‘citizen scientist’ working alongside Imperial researchers, or by taking part in our events.

Global development

We want to reach out beyond our borders to work with institutions and entrepreneurs in low- and middle-income countries. Global collaboration will create new opportunities for two-way academic exchange and the launch of a centre for enterprise in partnership with the leaders of Africa’s digital innovation scene.

Join us

We are at a pivotal point in society, where those without access to the benefits that world-class science and technology offer risk being left behind. But we have an incredible opportunity for change and to truly make Science for Everyone. Given the disruption caused by the global pandemic and the rapid pace of technological and environmental change, we believe that now is the moment to act.

From growing programmes and spaces such as STEM Potential and The Invention Rooms, to bringing our innovation expertise to entrepreneurs in low- and middle-income countries, there are many ways your support can make a tangible difference to society on a local, national and global scale.

For full details of the campaign, please download our Science for Everyone brochure. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss opportunities, please contact:

Dr Sarah Flew
Deputy Director of Development
+44 (0)20 7594 9325

We hope you will join us in this mission to make a difference.