What is the best way for people based in the US, Canada or Hong Kong to make a donation?

Around a quarter of Imperial’s donors are now based outside the UK – reflecting the global reach of the College, and the international character of our student and alumni community. That number has been steadily rising over the past few years, with the number of donors based in North America now over 800.

There are special tax breaks that donors based in the US and Canada can take advantage of. Our supporters in Hong Kong may choose to support Imperial students by donating to a Hong Kong-based scholarship fund.

Information for donors outside the UK

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Give from the US

US taxpayer? Donate through the US-based Imperial College Foundation to make your gift tax deductible.

How to give from the US

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Give from Canada

The Canada Revenue Agency allows Canadian taxpayers to make tax deductible donations directly to Imperial.

How to give from Canada

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Giving from Europe

Donate via our partner organisations to enjoy tax benefits on your gift to Imperial.

Make a tax-efficient gift from Europe