Ghulam Haider studied in the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial, graduating in 1968. 

We spoke to Ghulam about his decision to leave a gift in his Will.

 What motivated you to leave a legacy gift to the college?

Making a legacy gift to Imperial is one of the most important decisions I made when writing my will.

I was at the College up to 1968, having been awarded an Industrial Scholarship by which the Government paid my College fees and a part of my other outgoings. My employer, Holland, Hannen & Cubitts, made it up to my salary which I was earning before joining the College.

This way, I was able to finish my studies without any financial burden. I trust my legacy will give the younger generation a chance to achieve their goals like I did.

What do you hope your gift will accomplish?

I hope that it will give financial help to those deserving cases who could make good use of my legacy.

Do you have a fond memory of your time at Imperial that you could share?

Sandwich lunch at Southside with friends.