Young people wearing masks waiting in a queue
CCopeY is a sequential mixed-methods study which commenced in April 2020. The study aims to examine the mental health status and coping strategies of young people (aged 16-24) in the UK during and after COVID-19 lockdown.
In April 2020, the first survey was sent out to young people which was completed by around 800 participants.  A sample of young people from the responses were interviewed online to further explore how they have managed their mental health and coped during lockdown.

Next steps

The research, led by Dr Lindsay Dewa, research fellow, at the Institute of Global Health Innovation. Dr Dewa and colleagues are currently  conducting follow up interviews to explore the experiences of young people since the new lockdown.

Dr Dewa is working jointly with young people as research partners throughout all stages - from prioritisation, to data collection to dissemination.

Find out more

Read the findings of the first CCopeY study - 'CCopeY: A Mixed-Methods Coproduced Study on the Mental Health Status and Coping Strategies of Young People During COVID-19 UK Lockdown’ here

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