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We believe that research and innovation can only solve problems in healthcare when solutions are deeply rooted in people’s needs and values. So we make sure that people are at the core of everything we do – working with, not for, citizens. This requires meaningful involvement with those who we ultimately aim to benefit from our work – the public, patients, health professionals and carers alike, so that we can better understand the issues that affect them, and find the best ways to address them. And by openly engaging with a diverse range of people, we can ensure that no voice is left unheard. 

Find out how we’re putting people at the heart of our work through involvement, engagement and co-production.

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Raising awareness of hearing loss in underserved communities

We’re working to raise awareness of hearing loss and engage people with hearing health through our innovative project, Hearing Birdsong.

Co-produced with Imperial researchers, designers from Kennedy Woods, audiologists and people with hearing loss, Hearing Birdsong is an immersive installation that blends art, science and technology to encourage early identification and increase access to care. The pop up features bird boxes playing familiar bird calls, which match the frequency bands of a traditional hearing test. Visitors unable to hear one of the birds could be experiencing hearing loss and are offered a hearing screen.

The project also won a World Health Organization, World Hearing Forum and Coalition for Global Hearing Health grant to convert the concept into a virtual experience, which you can watch here

The Hearing Birdsong team explain their co-produced project and why it’s important to involve people with lived experience.

Hearing Birdsong

Hearing Birdsong is an installation of birdsong and handmade bird boxes, which has proven to raise awareness of hearing loss and encourage people to seek help when needed.

Watch this video from members of the team talking about the project and why it's important to involve people with lived experience.