Training opportunities will be advertised in the Open Training Posts section when they are open for applications. Each post will contain a link to the description of the responsibilities and eligibility requirements for the trainee, as well as the online application form. To apply, candidates must complete the online application form for each specific training post of interest.

Applications for our January 2025 intake of Julia Anderson Trainees will open in September 2024. A detailed timeline will be added in September. 

The following timeline is provisional for the July 2024 intake:

5 March: Training Posts advertised

14 March: Applicants webinar

4 April: Applications close

8 April - 3 May: Shortlisting applicants

6 May: Inform applicants of outcome

9 May: HR webinar

13-24 May: Interviews

27-31 May: Candidates informed of outcome

1 July: Training posts start

Posts will be advertised twice a year. 

What support will I receive during the application process?  

Q&A Webinar 

View our webinar, recorded on 21 September 2023, to learn more about applying. 

Reducing bias in the shortlisting process 

The application form will not ask you to put your name or the name of the places you have studied at. This is to prevent any potential bias when reviewing applications.

Download the application form guide

Available for download here. You can use this to prepare your answers to some of the questions, and get feedback from your university’s career service, local job centre, friends and family before completing the online application form.

Application feedback

If you are unsuccessful in your application, and request feedback the recruiting team will endeavour to provide this after the application process has been completed.

Interview guidance and support

If you are invited to an interview, you will be offered support from the HR team to prepare you for your interview with the project team at IGHI. Reasonable travel expenses within the UK will be reimbursed as agreed in advance. We will provide details if you are invited to interview.


Frequently asked questions

How long is the training?

All advertised posts will state how long the training is last. Usually, full-time training posts will last between 8 – 12 weeks. The expectation is that you would complete the training post for the duration advertised.

Can I do the training part-time or work flexible hours?

In order for all trainees to get the maximum benefits of the training opportunity and participate in the mentorship, trainees will be expected to work full-time.  

To support your work/life balance all flexible working requests and reasonable adjustments will be considered as per Imperial policy. 

Where will the post be based? Is this open for remote applicants?

The safety and wellbeing of our staff and incoming trainees is our top priority. We continue to follow the UK Government and College guidelines regarding working on site. We hope that we will be able to welcome trainees in-person to ensure they feel supported throughout their placement. We therefore advise applying for the training programme only if you would have the capacity to commute to our offices in St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington for at least three days per week. Travel may also be required to our South Kensington campus. 

I am not available at the start date of the training post, will there be a chance to apply for future training posts?

Each time we advertise a new cohort of traineeships, we will host a webinar with the project teams that are advertising training positions. This event will give you the chance to ask specific questions to help write your application or regarding what it is like to work with the project team and at IGHI.  

Details of the event will be listed on the training programme website under “How to apply”. To register your interest, please sign up here.

How do I complete the application form and improve my chances of getting an interview offer?

Each training post has a link to a tailored job description, person specification and the online application form on the Imperial Jobs page.  

When preparing your application, we recommend you review the job description and person specification in detail. Think through all your experiences to date including your studies, part-time jobs, volunteer roles, club membership, or even your role within your family structure (e.g. caring responsibilities).  We advise that you aim to provide an example and evidence of how you meet each of the essential criteria in the person specification. It can help to apply the STAR model for each criteria, focusing on:  

  • Situation - the situation you dealt with
  • Task – the task given to you
  • Action – the action you took
  • Result – what happened as a result of the action and what you learned or a reflection. 

The person specification will be used in the shortlisting process to identify how people demonstrate in their application that they meet the essential criteria (E). Desirable criteria (D) are not essential to the role, therefore please do not be put off if you do not meet all of these.  

To help you prepare for the online application form, we have created a template application form available to download. You can use this to prepare your answers, and get feedback from your university’s career service, local job centre, friends and family before completing the online application. 

I am not available at the start date of the training post, will there be a chance to apply for future training posts?

Yes! Future training posts will be advertised on this webpage. To register your interest in the training programme and be the first to know when training post are advertised, sign up here.  

I don’t have a professional reference yet. Can I apply without references?

If you are offered a place on the training programme, in line with Human Resources policies, you will be asked to provide references that can cover the last three years. Please note the following Information about referees: 

  • You should have referees who can comment on your personal, educational and/or professional experience and achievements. 
  • One of these references must be from your secondary school or university (i.e. tutor or a lecturer). (If applicable) 
  • One of these references could be a current or most recent employer (if applicable). 
  • Alternatively, suitable referees can include managers and/or leaders from voluntary work, clubs, sports, place of worship etc.

I am currently claiming welfare benefits / universal credit can I apply?

Yes, you are welcome to apply. However, we strongly recommend that you investigate/research the impact that this paid role will have upon your welfare benefits. 

If I apply for a training post this year, can I apply for another one in the future?

If you apply for a training post in the Julia Anderson Training Programme and are unsuccessful at the application or interview stage, you are more than welcome to apply for another training post advertised in the future.  

However, if you have undertaken a training post as part of the Julia Anderson Training Programme before, you will not be eligible to apply for another training post in the future.