Technology is bringing transformational improvements in health and care. From helping to prevent illness through devices like wearables, to more accurate diagnostic techniques and better, kinder treatments, technology is helping to solve many pressing health challenges across the world.

Our research is helping to accelerate progress in this exciting field by developing safe, effective and accessible technologies that can benefit people all across the world. Core to realising this progress in healthcare technology is our Hamlyn Centre, which focuses on technological innovation with a strong emphasis on clinical translation, resulting in direct patient benefits with global impacts. 

Explore a range of our projects to find out how we’re continuing to harness the power of health tech to reshape the future of healthcare.

Highlights from our work in health tech

A person using a robot

Xbox tech for safer surgery

With the aid of Xbox Kinect technology, our researchers are developing perception-enabled systems to make surgery safer. Coupling robotics with 3D room mapping, motion capture and gaze tracking, our HARMS lab is working on an intelligent system that aims to ease the burden on surgical teams, for example using robotic scrub nurses that can assist with certain tasks. The system also tracks patterns of behaviour for analysis, such as detecting signals of fatigue, which could help prevent errors by triggering alerts or prompting an intervention.

The team is also applying this framework to develop a robotic system, controlled through a person’s eye movements, which could assist with daily activities for people with severe disability, helping them regain a degree of independence.

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