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To address the greatest healthcare challenges, here at IGHI, we endeavour to put people at the heart of our research. We believe that for healthcare to meet the needs of everyone, we must involve a diverse range of voices in our projects. 

To inform our work, we regularly invite the public, patients and healthcare professionals to participate in and shape our research. 

Find out more about our opportunities to get involved in IGHI projects below.

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Exploring doctors’ experiences of electronic health records

The lack of interoperability - the ability of IT systems to share clinical data - across healthcare settings is often described as a barrier to the greater adoption and use of electronic health records (EHRs). However, few studies have explicitly investigated this problem and the challenges it poses for physicians and the implications it has on patient safety.   

Our latest IGHI study aims to explore the perceptions of hospital-based healthcare providers regarding the current state of EHR interoperability, how it affects patient care and safety, and the associated costs of wasted healthcare resources it incurs to the NHS in England.

We are looking for doctors to take part in this study and tell us their experiences of using EHRs in the NHS via a short 10-minute survey. 

Find out more and access the short survey here: Exploring doctors' experiences of EHR use.


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Climate Cares

Climate Cares is a collaboration between the Institute of Global Health Innovation and the Grantham Institute. The team of of researchers, designers, policy experts and educators working to understand and support mental health in the current climate and ecological crises. 

We enable people, communities and systems to have both the emotional resilience and transformative potential to cope with the climate emergency and take meaningful climate action. We work collectively for a better climate future that benefits mental health and wellbeing. 

Our mission is to equip individuals, communities and systems with the knowledge and resources to protect mental health from climate impacts, while enabling climate action that strengthens the conditions for good mental health and wellbeing.  

We achieve our vision through four pillars of our work: Research, Policy and Implementation, Education and Awareness, Intervention Design 

The Climate Cares Affiliates scheme is open to any Imperial staff who wish to be associated with the Centre, and are working in the areas of climate change, health and wellbeing. 

Become an affiliate of Climate Cares or find out more.

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Assessing the Barriers to Breast Screening (ABBS) Study

Breast screening is an effective way to detect breast cancer at a treatable stage. Yet attendance to breast screening appointments is falling, particularly among certain communities. We are carrying out a study to understand the challenges women face when deciding whether or not to attend their breast screening appointment. 

If you are female, aged 50-70 and have been invited to a breast screening appointment before, we’d like to hear your opinions, regardless of if you attended your appointment. 

We are particularly keen to hear from women with multiple medical conditions and those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Find out more here