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Sustainably reducing inequalities in global health for generations to come

We are a multidisciplinary team of pioneering people who break traditional research silos to tackle some of the greatest global health challenges facing the world today.

Our mission is to transform health for all through evidence-based innovation.

Our vision is to support the identification, development and widespread diffusion of healthcare innovation, and in doing so to sustainably reduce inequalities in global health for generations to come.

What we do

We're working towards a future where healthcare is better, safer and more equitable across the globe. Our approach is to identify, develop and implement evidence-based innovations, leading to sustainable improvements in health and care.

To realise our vision, we:

  • design and diffuse high-impact global healthcare innovations to improve the quality and safety of care 
  • deliver world-class educational programmes to establish the next generation of leaders in healthcare
  • translate cutting-edge research to drive real change in areas in need of transformation
  • put people at the heart of everything we do, involving patients, the public and healthcare professionals in every stage of our work.

Our work is made possible through our Centres of Excellence that innovate across medicine, policy, technology and design. Our Centres collaborate to share knowledge, skills and expertise so that we can solve bigger problems and accelerate progress in healthcare.

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Explore our Institute's achievements from the past 12 years

Explore our work

At the IGHI, clinicians, scientists, designers, engineers, policy makers, developers, patient and public involvement specialists and more fuse together to address needs in healthcare – from Digital Education, to community testing for COVID-19, to investigating AI for screening. 

Watch our video that celebrates over a decade of improving patient care, population health and wellbeing, transforming health for all through evidence-based innovation.