Building evidence, sharing knowledge, promoting safety during COVID-19

IGHI has launched a number of national and global COVID-19 programmes to help health systems and governments better respond to the ongoing crisis. 

Explore our highlighted projects below. 

IGHI's COVID-19 projects

A pulse oximeter

Home oximetry for monitoring COVID-19

We've been working with NHS Digital and NHS England to evaluate the use of remote monitoring in the care of patients with COVID-19 at home. Our programme has been investigating whether pulse oximetry could help clinicians to identify deterioration in patients with a new diagnosis of COVID-19.

Click here to read our publication in BMJ Open.

Click here to read our publication in Lancet Digital Health.

Use this link to read the study protocol: CO@H protocol

Use this link to read the findings of our evaluation: CO@H evaluation: interpretation of findings (PDF).

Use this link to read findings from our evaluation of pulse oximetry in care homes, in collaboration with the University of Birmingham: Pulse oximetry in care homes during the COVID 19 pandemic (PDF)