We work to transform health and care for all through evidence-based innovation. We focus on health and care challenges where we believe we can make the greatest impact; from health policy to medical robotics, the breadth of what we do is one of our defining strengths. By blending the varied expertise of our Centres of Excellence, our multi-disciplinary Institute has the agility to respond to emerging needs as they arise. 

To accelerate transformation in health and care, our people work across the entire innovation cycle. We…

  • Identify areas in need of innovation
  • Build the capacity and expertise needed to tackle global health issues through education and training
  • Generate the evidence base for solutions that could address the needs we identify
  • Develop and evaluate new systems, products and policies that seek to improve global health and care, including through first-in-human trials
  • Translate and disseminate these approaches across real-world settings, bringing benefits for patients, professionals and health systems alike.

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