Higher Education Providers are becoming more aware of the growing Gambling and Gaming culture within the UK. Gambling and Gaming are considered an addiction/disorder under the NHS due to them now being considered a mental health problem. Gambling and Gaming can have a detrimental effect on the person’s health, relationships and financial stability, as well as have an effect on their loved ones.

Censuswide created a survey in February 2023 involving 2003 students at a UK University, surrounding different aspects of Gambling whilst studying.

This survey found that 71% of these students have gambled at least once in the past year, with 24% of these students being found to have ‘Problem Gambling’ behaviour.

A lot of students may see gambling as a quick and easy way to increase their income, as the Loans, Grants and/or Scholarships that they receive may not cover all of their living expenses. However, it is more likely for students to lose money, rather than add to their income like they believe, but the high from a small win is what attracts students to keep gambling.

At Imperial College London, we have recently had members of welfare teams, departments and the Student Financial Support team be trained in Gambling and Gaming awareness, to help provide a safe space and resources to students who may feel like they have or feel like they may be showing signs of problem gambling.

Resources for Students


YGAM are a trust that provide free training to staff across different sectors, as well as students, on Gambling and Gaming awareness. They provide this to young people, as this is normally where gambling harms start but are not yet noticed, due to the lack of awareness. They have a Student Hub page where you can see the different information surrounding Gambling and Gaming harms that you may not be aware of.


GamCare are a company that operate the National Gambling Helpline. They provide support for anyone who is harmed by gambling, create awareness about safer gambling and treatment, and encourage an effective approach to safer gambling within the gambling industry. GamCare provide support for the person directly involved with Gambling and the family and friends who are also affected. They also own GamStop, where they provide an online self-exclusion form, where once completed, you will be prevented from using gambling websites and apps run by companies licensed in Great Britain for a timeframe of your choosing (6 months, 1 year or 5 years).

NHS Treatment

Due to Gambling and Gaming being now known as Addictions/Disorders, you can now receive treatment whether you are directly affected by Gambling or Gaming, or if you are a Family member of someone with a Gambling or Gaming addiction. Please follow the links provided for Gambling Addiction or Gaming Addiction.