Pay your student fees online using our payment platforms

Imperial has partnered with two of the market leading platforms for UK and international online payments, Convera and Flywire , offering added security, tracking of your payment, multilingual support and multiple payment options including debit and cards, open banking, e-wallets, numerous local payment methods, and more. 

Examples of these payment methods include all UK high street banks, Alipay, Chinapay, WeChat Pay, Trustly, Sofort, Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and more. 

You'll have the option between two payment platforms to provide you with the widest range of competitive payment options. You may use either of these platforms to make payment for your student fees.

Pay via Convera

Pay via Flywire

Explore Convera

Imperial has partnered with Convera to offer you a simple and smart way to pay your fees from all over the world. Pay online via popular options including bank transfer, credit, or debit card or eWallet; compare payment options instantly and avoid costly transaction charges from your bank. Discover why Convera is a preferred payment method for international tuition fees.

Discover Flywire

Imperial has partnered with Flywire to accept payments from students worldwide. Easily and securely make payment in your own currency and using local payment methods. With real-time tracking and around-the-clock multilingual support, millions of students and families around the world trust Flywire for payment processing. Explore how to use Flywire.

Please note that we do not accept direct bank transfers, cheques or cash for student payments, which includes cash paid directly to our bank.

Pay by loan from the UK government

Home students can apply for help from the UK government, via the Student Loans Company (SLC) towards their tuition fees:

  • Tuition Fee Loan for undergraduate students covers the cost of tuition for every year that your course lasts.
  • Master's Loan for postgraduate taught students and Doctoral Loan for students studying a doctoral course like a PhD can help with your course and living costs.

Undergraduate students

Home students will be able to specify whether or not they have applied or intend to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC) or an NHS Bursary for MBBS/BSc Medicine students when they register at Imperial online.

If you are receiving tuition fee support from the SLC or NHS, this will be paid directly to Imperial and you will not receive a fee invoice.

It is important to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan every summer before the start of the academic term. Failure to do so may result in you becoming liable for the full tuition fee.

Please also ensure that you apply for the current amount. We will invoice you directly for the different between the loan amount applied for and the final tuition fee due to Imperial.

If you believe that you are being funded by the SLC but receive a tuition fee invoice, please check that you have received confirmation of your loan. Once you have this confirmation, please forward a copy to the Tuition Fees team and we will cancel your invoice once receiving confirmation.

Master's and Doctoral students

If you receive a Master's or Doctoral loan from the UK government, it will be paid directly to you via the Student Loans Company.

It may be used towards your tuition fees or in support of maintenance costs. 

As this loan is paid directly to you, we do not regard it as sponsorship. You should therefore declare that you are self-funding when you register.

You may also have the option to pay your fee in instalments – this does not apply to students receiving Postgraduate loans via the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

Further information is available from the Student Lending team.

Pay via sponsorship

Until your sponsorship award has been formally confirmed by your sponsoring organisation and accepted by Imperial, your tuition fees will remain your financial responsibility.

Once your sponsorship has been accepted, any fee amount not covered by your sponsor is your responsibility and must be paid by the applicable tuition payment deadline to avoid late fees.

Find more information about submitting your sponsorship information.

Other payment methods

Please note that we do not accept cheques or cash for student payments, which includes cash paid directly to our bank.

We encourage you to pay via our online payment platforms wherever possible (see above).

Payment in person

Debit and credit card payments are accepted in person at the Student Hub on our South Kensington Campus.

Please note we cannot accept American Express, Diners Club Card, JCB, cash payments, or payments by cheque.

Card payments in person should only be made by the cardholder; proof of the cardholder’s identity (e.g., passport or driving license) may be required prior to making payment.

Getting a receipt

You will receive an automatic confirmation email when funds are posted to your Imperial account. This email is confirmation that we have received the payment, it is not a formal receipt.

Please bear in mind that the amount in the confirmation email may be slightly less than the original amount paid, as any charges applied by the bank will be deducted before the payment reaches us.

If you need a receipt for tuition fees or accommodation payments, please email our Accounts Receivable team. Please include the reason you need the receipt in the email body to ensure the team issues the correct document.

If you need a receipt as part of your visa application to confirm tuition fee payments to UKVI, the easiest and most secure way of doing this is by uploading the payment to your CAS.

Payments uploaded to your CAS will be visible in My Passport, Visa & CAS on the My Imperial student portal. Find more information about CAS payment upload times.

Late payment fees

You must pay all your fees by their due dates.

If you are late on a payment, we will charge you a late fee after the due date.

You will continue to be charged a late fee every day – at an annualised rate of 7.5% above the base rate of National Westminster Bank Plc – until your charges and late fees are paid in full or until you have agreed a payment plan with Credit Control.

If all outstanding amounts are paid in full within six months of the due date, we will discount the late payment charge to an annualised rate of 2% above the base rate of National Westminster Bank Plc.

If you are late on paying your fees for six months or more, we will raise the issue with your department and your Faculty Senior Tutor.

In accordance with Regulation Two of the Imperial College London Academic Regulations, any student with outstanding tuition-related charges will not normally be allowed to progress to the next year of their course and may be required to withdraw from Imperial.

For further information on late payment, please see the full Tuition Fee Policy.

Further information

Once the payment reaches us, it typically takes us 1–2 working days to process it. This does not take into account the time that it takes for the payment to reach Imperial, which can be up to 5 working days for some payment methods.

Taught postgraduate students are eligible for an early payment discount if we receive payment of your fees at least 45 days before your invoice due date.

Be aware of scams

Always use one of the official payment methods listed above when making payment to Imperial – we're aware of applicants and students being targeted in the past by offers for discounted payment for visas, tuition fees, or fee deposits.

Find out more about recent scams targeting Imperial students.