The information presented on these pages is a summary of the key terms contained within the Tuition Fee Policy which can be found here.  Compliance with these terms and the policy forms part of your contractual obligations with Imperial College London. 

General principles and how much will I have to pay

General principles

  • You, the student, are responsible for making arrangements to ensure that your fees are paid whether through sponsorship or paying them yourself.
  • It is the student's responsibility to inform the College of any sponsorship or fees award (including if you are supported by UK Public Funds such as a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company or in receipt of an NHS bursary).
  • If a sponsor fails to pay, liability for the unpaid fees will be transferred to the student.
  • The requirements for a formal sponsorship agreement are set out in the Tuition Fee Policy, students whose fees are being paid by another person, or by a company where those arrangements do not meet the requirements set out in the policy will be regarded as self-funding for fees purposes.
  • Tuition fees payment terms are reviewed, updated and published prior to the start of each academic year. Where practicable, we will give you advance notice of any planned changes that we regard as significant.  Any changes to the payment terms will be published and highlighted on this page and a link to the most recent terms will always be available to students and applicants in the My Imperial Student Portal.
  • Invoices are issued via email from so please check the email address(es) you provided during your application regularly and that your junk mail filter is set to allow College email to get through. You can find details regarding how to pay your fees on the invoice and on the How to pay page. Please note that there may be penalties for those students who do not pay on time.
  • Any student whose sessional programme fees and any other tuition-related charges have not been paid in full may not be allowed to proceed to the next year of the programme and may be required to withdraw from the College. If any fees are still unpaid at the time when a student enters for the last examination necessary to qualify for the award of a degree/diploma, the award may not be conferred and no certificate in respect of the award will normally be issued until the debt has been paid in full. 

How much will I have to pay?

  • You can find information about the fee that you will have to pay via the main Tuition Fees page. Please ensure that you view the fee tables for the correct session; please also ensure you check the fee for your correct fee status, information on your current fee status is shown in My Imperial Student Portal. For more information on how your fee status is determined, please see the Fee status page.
  • Please note that unless otherwise specified, all fees are subject to an annual increase by an amount linked to inflation.
  • Fees are determined by year of entry to the College and not by year of study, this means that if you repeat a year or resume your studies after an interruption, your fees will only be subject to any relevant inflationary correction and will not be subject to any other increases that may have been applied to new entrants after you commenced your current registration with the College.
  • Please note that if you defer entry, your fee will be set by the session in which you start the course, not the session from which you deferred (thus a student that deferred entry last year will be charged the fee rate for a new entrant to the College this year, not the fee for a continuing student from last year).

Payment terms and how to pay


If you have any questions regarding tuition fees, please search our FAQs on the College Knowledge Bank (ServiceNow, College log on required), if you still have questions after this, you can raise a ticket with us via ServiceNow or via the contact links at the top of this page if you do not have a College IT account. 

Enquiries regarding payments already made to the College should be directed to the Accounts Receivable Team via the College Knowledge Bank (ServiceNow, College log on required). People without a College IT account can contact Accounts Receivable Team by email on or telephone on (+44) 020 7594 8858.