Managing your time as a doctoral research student is an important skill, particularly as a large portion of your learning will be conducted through independent study. Good time management is not just about organising your time, but also making sure you are working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Planning your time well can not only help you to visualise your goals but also helps you to keep a healthy work-life balance while enjoying your learning. There is no ‘right’ way to plan and how effective planning techniques are often depends on the individual, however it’s good to be aware of the following tips:

Time Management

Be aware that:

  • Disabilities, health conditions, mental health difficulties and specific learning difficulties can have an impact on the thinking skills associated with organisation and time management. If you would like to discuss issues around these matters, please book an appointment with the disability advisory service where you can get support for an existing condition or help in securing a possible diagnostic assessment.

 The Graduate School offers courses to develop your skills to better manage your time and your research project: