Broadly, there are two ways in which doctoral students fund their studies.

Funded through a scholarship or studentship

If you are a scholarship recipient or you have been awarded a studentship, you are a funded student and it is likely that your funder will pay your tuition fees, pay you a stipend or bursary and provide you with money in which to purchase consumables. You should always check the terms and conditions of your scholarship or studentship and find out from your supervisor how you access money for consumables, where this is provided by your funder.

Importantly, make sure you are clear about how long your funding will last and work with your supervisor to develop a plan for your research which will ensure your degree is completed within your funding timeframe.

Find out more about the types of funding available at Imperial for doctoral students.


If you are paying for your doctoral degree yourself, you are a self-funded student. This means that you will be responsible for paying your tuition fees, for supporting yourself financially for the duration of your doctoral degree and for paying your own consumables.