Undertaking a doctoral degree at Imperial College London will be an intensive experience and the expectation is that no paid work should impact on your degree. However, the College acknowledges that undertaking paid work is how many students help to support themselves financially during their degree.

If you are thinking about taking on flexible work such as tutoring, a role in hospitality or other paid work, it is recommended that you first think about whether you can effectively balance your paid work with your research programme, and you should always discuss your plans with your Supervisor(s).

Another way in which doctoral students supplement their income is to carry out work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA). Many departments offer paid opportunities for doctoral students to contribute towards the teaching and learning experience of undergraduate and Master’s students. You should find out more about what opportunities are available from your department.

Some research programmes will also allow you to complete a PhD internship which usually involves pausing your PhD, working in industry for a period of time, then returning to your PhD. If you wish to undertake an internship, you should first check with your supervisor and your funder to establish whether you are eligible and whether your internship will be paid. If approved, you will need to apply for an interruption of studies for the duration of your internship.

The Careers Service can support you to find part-time work and internships (if appropriate) during your programme. You can access Jobslive, a job board that you can search for opportunities on and get practical support with CVs, interviews and networking.

If you are an international student there may be visa restrictions which limit the amount of work you can do whilst studying. If you are in the UK on a Student/Tier 4 Visa, you are usually permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during term time, and full-time during vacation times. See the full details on the International Student Support’s work rules webpage.

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