At 36 months, a formal monitoring point must be completed to ensure that your research is progressing and can be completed within the expected timescales. At this point, you will be expected to demonstrate that you are on track to complete all your experimental work, and you should have a timetable of your remaining work to be completed to meet the expected thesis submission deadline. You should have also completed a minimum period of registration at the College – this is normally 36 months from the initial date of your registration.

Once approved by your department, you can move into Writing Up period of your PhD programme and you will be expected to submit your thesis for examination within 12 months.

Note that:

  • The maximum Writing Up period is 12 months for full time students or 24 months for part time students, since they enter their writing-up status.
  • Students in the Writing Up period retain access to College facilities, but are not able to use laboratory facilities for primary research or experimental work. 
  • Find out all necessary details about the Progress Review on the Writing Up Procedure (PDF) and check the information provided by your department.

Download the Application for entry to Writing Up Status (doc).