Your feedback about your experience at Imperial is really important to the College, as it helps us improve and enhance your experience and ones that will come after you.

There are many ways in which you can give feedback both formal and informal:

  • Engage as a StudentShaper, which offers students the opportunity to undertake projects in partnership with staff to improve curricula, develop innovative teaching practices and make positive change to the student experience.
  • Complete the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES). This is a national survey of all PGRs – The College reviews its results in detail, and departments and other units prepare action plans to address the issues highlighted in them.
  • Complete the Student Experience Survey (SES) This is an annual survey of Imperial students aiming to gather feedback on a range of College services and on Imperial College Union. PGRs are included the years when no PRES is running.
  • Consider being a Postgraduate Representative for your department. This way you can give your own feedback and that of your fellow students through departmental Postgraduate Staff -Student Committees.
  • Engage with your department through departmental talks and seminars and through social activities and get-togethers. This is an opportunity for students to give feedback via members of departmental staff (rather than just those on Committees).
  • Give feedback to your supervisor, your academic mentor, postgraduate tutors or manager/admin within your department. You can also approach the Graduate School.

Your feedback makes a difference!

At Imperial we take feedback from students very seriously. By sharing your opinions and thoughts, both positive and negative, you’ll be helping both current and future generations of students get the best experience possible at the College. Your voice does make a difference through the various mechanisms of feedback available to you.