Research degrees do not follow the structure of an undergraduate or taught masters programme, but there are still milestones that you will encounter along the way.

While conducting research during your time at Imperial, there are a number of markers of progression - called PhD Milestones - to assist you and your supervisor in achieving your main objectives of carrying out original research and attaining your degree.

There are several College-wide milestones that all research students at Imperial will encounter, which are described in these pages. Your department may have some variations to these. Your supervisor will outline the markers of progression that you have to comply with at the start of your research.

Your department’s Postgraduate Office will provide you specific information, including relevant paperwork, about your department’s requirements for your markers of progression.

For some students, different stages of their research can be more challenging and daunting than others. Your supervisor and Senior Tutor as well as other members of your department/group will be there to support you at all times.

If you need advice on dealing with stress or pressure during your research degree, visit the Student Support Zone.