As soon as you join Imperial you will be welcomed to the Imperial community, your department and your research group and/or CDT DTP.

You will be invited to various departmental induction events and welcome meetings, and you will meet with your supervisor to start planning your research. There will also be College welcome activities and events, including a PGR Welcome event from the Graduate School.

It is very important you attend all inductions and welcome activities, as they will provide you with an overview of the people, resources and services that are available to support you during your doctoral journey.

These events are also a great opportunity to meet other doctoral students from across the College and to begin developing your research networks and feeling part of the Imperial community.

Whilst you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of new information you receive during welcome and induction, do not despair!... Revisit this information slowly after the first few weeks and start building your own list of key sources of support and information.

College level induction events:

  • Discover Imperial Fair – usually takes place on the first day of term in October, it lasts for a full day and is open to all new Imperial students
  • PGR Welcome – dedicated welcome event for doctoral students, organised by the Graduate School. This event lasts a few hours, and it is usually scheduled for mid-October.

Faculty and departmental induction events will usually happen at the start of Autumn and Spring terms. Make sure you regularly check your Imperial email account and stay connected so you can keep up to date on these events.

Tip – As soon as you get your Imperial login details start checking your Imperial email account every day. All invitations and useful information will be sent to you there.