Bibliometrics is the statistical analysis of publication data and research outputs, giving quantitative indicators of visibility and impact.

If you are thinking of submitting your written research findings for publication in a journal, you need to understand how your research will be evaluated as a publication. Primarily, evaluation is in the form of expert peer review, but sometimes, people use metrics to assess a journal or an article for impact or relevancy.

Whilst the College is committed to evaluating research on its own merits, rather than the venue in which it was published, you might come across metrics when dealing with journals or considering citations.

The Library’s Bibliometrics service provides support in understanding bibliometrics and identifying ways to use them appropriately to demonstrate the performance of their published research.

This service will also support you with the tools to help you record and understand the reach of your research outputs, such as Altmetric, Dimensions, and SciVal.

Contact the Bibliometrics service for advice on how to use metrics responsibly and access data relating to your research outputs.

You can also learn about Bibliometrics in the course developed by the Graduate School and the Library: