Most students and their supervisor(s) have effective and productive supervisory partnerships, and all partnerships are unique. The way in which the partnership with your supervisor is developed and managed will vary, but the foundation for a successful partnership starts right at the beginning.

Be proactive in requesting the meetings, the feedback, support and the clarifications you need. And be aware your Supervisor has many other responsibilities and will try to support you to the best of their ability and availability.

There are times however when the partnership is difficult, and/or communication is broken. It may be that you and/or your supervisor are not happy with the partnership.

If you start experiencing any of this, look up for help, contacting the Senior Tutor and/or the Wellbeing Advisor in your department. If for any reason a change of supervisor is required during your degree, they will be able to guide you through the process.

If you have concerns about research misconduct or academic integrity, contact your Senior Tutor in your department.

If you have seen or experience bullying or harassment, you can use the College’s Report and Support site or get in touch with the Student Support Advisers at

The Graduate School has also developed a series of resources, courses and confidential and personalised support to help you manage the relationship with your supervisor:


 Confidential support