The IC-CSynB is made up of Students, PostDocs, Technicians, Fellows and Faculty from across Imperial 

Meet some of the group leaders within the IC-CSynB

  • Geoff Baldwin


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    Geoff Baldwin Co-Director of IC-CSynB

    Department of Life Sciences

    Research work in the  Baldwin lab focuses on the development of synthetic biology approaches to facilitate the engineering of new biological systems for real-world applications. 

  • Karen Polizzi


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    Karen Polizzi Co-Director of IC-CSynB

    Department of Chemical Engineering

    Dr Polizzi's  research team  applies synthetic biology to biological manufacturing . 

  • Tom Ellis


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    Tom Ellis Co-Director of IC-CSynB

    Department of Bioengineering

    Dr  Ellis's  research team develops tools and technologies for synthetic genome engineering and programmable biological materials.

  • Francesca Ceroni


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    Francesca Ceroni IC-CSynB Board Member

    Department of Chemical Engineering

    Francesca Ceroni's group  applies Synthetic Biology principles to  mammalian cell engineering for bioprocessing and cell therapy.
  • James Murray


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    James Murray IC-CSynB Board Member

    Department of Life Sciences

    James Murray's  group works on synthetic biology in cyanobacteria and protein design.

  • Mark Isalan


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    Mark Isalan IC-CSynB Board Member

    Department of Life Sciences

    Mark Isalan's Synthetic Biology group works in protein engineering, gene network engineering and synthetic gene therapy.

  • Patrik Jones


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    Patrik Jones IC-CSynB Board Member

    Life Sciences

    The Microbial Metabolic Engineering group  is working on understanding and engineering the metabolism of microorganisms in order to enable biotechnological solutions that can improve our sustainability.

  • Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro


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    Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro IC-CSynB Board Member

    Department of Bioengineering

    Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro's  group explores novel applications of microbial systems by combining cutting-edge synthetic biology tools and metabolic engineering strategies

  • Thomas Ouldridge


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    Thomas Ouldridge IC-CSynB Board Member

    Department of Bioengineering

    Dr Ouldridge's  Principles of Biomolecular Systems  group looks to understand and engineer the fundamental molecular reactions that underlie complex processes.

  • Yuval Elani


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    Yuval Elani IC-CSynB Board Member

    Department of Chemistry

    Dr Elani’s  research team  develops precision engineering technologies for constructing artificial cells from the bottom-up, including microfluidics, optical traps, and biomembrane design.