The procedures below replace the former College requirements for the completion of CASLAT. Procedures are summarised below for both new lecturers and lecturers who have undertaken some teacher training under the CASLAT programme.

The collated information of workshops and peer observations will be used as evidence of fulfilment of the teacher training requirements. A mid-probation review will be undertaken during year 2 of probation. This will involve the Academic Adviser and Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Probationary lecturers

The Faculty of Engineering teacher training requirements for probationary lecturers (3-year probationary period) are as follows:

1. The attendance of three one-day workshops run by the Educational Development Unit (EDU):

The workshops are run several times a year.

2. The attendance of a Faculty of Engineering workshop on Engineering Education (normally two workshops per year)

3. Peer observations:

Observations detailsGuidance and forms

The observation of the teaching of at least two peers with documented follow-up meetings for reflection on the learning and development outcomes.

In addition to the above observations (usually carried out with peers from the same department), probationary lecturers are encouraged to observe teaching from outside their department. The individuals listed in the adjacent file have been nominated by their DUGS as outstanding teachers and may be approached for observation.

Faculty of Engineering observation list

Forms 1, 3 and 3b
The probationer to be observed at least twice by their peers, with documented follow-up meetings for reflection on the learning and development outcomes. Forms 1, 2 and 3a


You can book a place on one of the EDU workshops through the Educational development Unit website.

The next Faculty of Engineering Engineering Education workshop will take place on Monday 13 September 2021, from 10.30 am to 12.00pm. To register please email the engineering teaching team.