Module registration

Registrations take place at different times depending on the department hosting the module, details are included on the module pages. Detailed instructions on eligibility will be issued by your home department.

Year 4 undergraduate student scheme

The first two or three years of your degree programme have given you firm foundations for a career in your chosen discipline.  But twenty-first century engineers need much more.

Increasingly, the really ground-breaking innovations are generated when engineers work within inter-disciplinary teams and at the boundaries of their individual fields.  The Inter-Departmental Exchange (IDX) scheme offers an opportunity to learn and use another specialist 'language'.  

Your department has chosen a suitable subset of modules to offer through IDX.  Along with your 'home' electives, these allow you to select a set which pushes the boundaries without becoming incoherent. You will need to check the pre-requisites for IDX courses against your own strengths, and read around the subjects. IDX course assessments are run and examinations marked, ONLY by the host department.

The default exam dates* for modules are:

  • Autumn term AM modules: morning of Thursday 30 April 2020
  • Autumn term PM modules: morning of Friday 01 May 2020
  • Spring term AM modules: morning of Thursday 07 May 2020
  • Spring term PM modules: morning of Monday 04 May 2020

*Exam dates may vary, so please check the accordion below for details on each module.

For more information contact your department undergraduate office.

IDX modules

Autumn term 2019/20

Spring term 2019/20