The Exploration Board considers proposals for student expeditions, and administers funds to assist with expedition costs.

Expeditions provide excellent opportunities to gain experience in organisation and living and working with other people, and when considering proposals the Board takes this, as well as the scientific value or adventurous objectives, into account. 

Two students navigating on expedition in Crete

Trekking in Crete (Summer 2018)

Two students hauling a sledge in Norway

Ski Mountaineering in Iceland (Summer 2019)

2020 Monte Rosa Mountaineering

Mountaineering in the Monte Rosa massif (Summer 2020)

A student cycling

Cycling from London to Athens (Summer 2019)

Big Wall Climbing in Yosemite, USA (Summer 2013)

Two students in Greenland

Trekking in Greenland (Summer 2019)

2018 Tour du Mont Blanc

Trekking on the Tour du Mont Blanc (Summer 2018)

One student trekking in arctic Sweden

Trekking in arctic Sweden (Summer 2018)

A group of students preparing to go caving

Caving in New Zealand (Easter 2015)

one student climbing

Sport Climbing in China (Summer 2019)

bouldering in Bolivia

Bouldering in Bolivia (Summer 2019)

Group of six students on mountainside

Glacier travel in Svalbard (Summer 2011)

Climbing in Alaska (USA) in summer 2022

Student trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal in 2022

student with kayak on mule in background

Kayaking in Peru (Summer 2012)

two students kayaking

Kayaking in the Indian Himalayas (Summer 2008)