Expedition Report

 1985 Ruwenzori Mountaineering Expedition Report [pdf]

Read about this expedition on the website of the Mount Everest Foundation.

The report of this expedition is also held in the libraries of the Alpine Club.

The original aims of this expedition were to achieve new routes in the Ruwenzori area of Uganda.  It become apparent in May 1985 that access the Ruwenzori was no longer possible and so the expedition team altered plans and headed for Mount Kenya.

Spending most of July 1985 on Mount Kenya the team become only the third group to complete the recently developed 'Old Moses Route'.  A base camp was established at Two Tarns (4490m) on the south side of the mountain and from here several routes were climbed. Ascents were made of Batian (5199m), Nelion (5188m), Pnt. Lennana (4985m), Pnt. Piggot (4957m), Pnt. John (4883m) and Midget Peak (4700m). Three new routes were climbed on Pnt. Piggot and Midget Peak. 'Hunting the Hyrax' on the West face of Pnt. Piggot the team understood to be a major development on the mountain and potentially the first grade VIII (E3).