This expedition was a training trip for the 1957 Karakoram Expedition. The information here is taken from issue 96 of felix:

Twelve members of I.C. met in Saas Fee in Switzerland this summer for the Karakoram Expedition Training Meet. The main object was to get experience in high level camping on glaciers and snow fields and to get to know the other members of the team. For the first week one party of six did a high level traverse from Saas Fee to Zermatt via the Alphubeljock, Allalinpass and Adlerpass, several camps being only just short of the 4000 meter mark. Peaks climbed included the Allalinhom, Alphubel, Strahlhorn, Adlerhorn and Himpfischorn. The other party climbed from the Mischibel Hut on the Dom Leinspitze ridge but were severely hampered by deep snow. At Zermatt we exchanged equipment and the camping party set off in the Monte Rosa area. They traversed under Lionte Rosa, along the frountier ridge and down to the Fluhalp and Zermatt, climbing on the way Castor, the traverse of Monte Rosa, Gimma de Jazzi, Strahlhorn and the Rimpfischhorn. The other party climbing from huts did a partial traverse of the Briethorn (not completed because of bad snow), Castor, Dom, and the first ascent of the Taschhorn that season. For the third week we interchanged parties and all climbed from huts. Peaks climbed included the Zinal Rothorn, Obergablehorn, Matterhorn and an unsuccessful attempt was made on the Weisshorn. At the end of the week we met in Bri g railway station, all very happy, dirty and well sunburnt after a most successful alpine season.