The Business School Awards 2019

The annual awards are a way for you to show your appreciation of your fellow students by nominating them for a Dean’s Community Award, as well as Business School faculty, Teaching Assistants and Professional Staff via the Teaching Excellence Awards.

The Teaching Excellence Awards

These awards are voted for by students and recognise the outstanding contributions made by faculty, teaching assistants and professional staff.  This year the award categories are:

  • Innovation in Teaching
  • Inclusive Teaching
  • MBA Core Module Teaching
  • MSc/ MRes Core Module Teaching
  • Undergraduate Teaching
  • PhD Supervision
  • Excellent Assessment Feedback
  • Professional Staff Student Support
  • Teaching Assistant Student Support

Nominations are now open. Voting closes on Friday 28 June 2019.

IB Awards

Dean’s Community Awards

These awards are voted for by students and staff and recognise citizenship amongst Business School students who excel in extra-curricular activities.

This year the award categories are:

  • Improving Society – recognising someone who has made a positive contribution to raising social awareness e.g. raising awareness of social causes with the cohort, volunteering, organising a fundraising or community engagement activity.
  • The Power of Innovative Thinking – recognising someone who thinks outside of the box, demonstrating creative thinking e.g. innovative contributions or leadership that takes a project, event or solution to the next level.
  • Inspiring Brilliant Minds – recognising someone who has broadened the minds of others e.g. organising an event or activity that provoked inspiring discussion or innovation and enhanced your learning and development.
  • Pioneering Practical Solutions – recognising someone who identified an opportunity to benefit their cohort or the School and takes action e.g. someone who has developed a new initiative to improve the student experience.
  • Sustainable Business Thinking – recognising someone who raises the awareness of business practices that are economically sustainable, socially responsible and actively promotes an environmentally friendly culture both in the College and the wider community.
  • Inclusive Business (new for 2019) – recognising someone who consistently promotes (or has shown by a specific action) practices and behaviours that enhance equality, diversity and inclusion in our community of students, staff, or wider society.
  • Dean’s Community Award for Alumni- recognising an alumnus who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the Business School community, through volunteering and enhancing student experience and learning.

Nominations will be open from the last week of May until Friday 28 June.

Previous winners

In 2018 the award winners were;

Teaching Excellence Awards

  • Innovation in Teaching – Dr Andre Veiga
  • Inclusive Teaching – Dr Pedro Rosa Dias
  • MBA Core Module Teaching – Professor David Shepherd
  • MSc/ MRes Core Module Teaching – Dr Wolfram Wiesemann
  • Undergraduate Teaching – Dr Laure De Preux
  • PhD Supervision – Dr Marisa Miraldo
  • Professional Staff Student Support – Julia McShane and Nazila Noorkhan
  • Teaching Assistant Student Support- Quentin Coutellier

Dean’s Community Awards

For Improving Society

  • Hassan Sheikh (MSc Strategic Marketing)
  • Sebastian Mueller, Michael Recorbet, Gavriil Michalakis, Wei-Chun Tseng (MSc Strategic Marketing)

For the Power of Innovative Thinking

Yuting Lin (Doctoral)

The Imperial College Business School Student Investment Fund Student Executive: Atiba Jackson, Davide Sciuto, Edoardo Pediconi, Jonathan Fielding, Katherine Tunaley, Nicola Zanetti: (MSc Finance & Accounting, MSc Investment & Wealth Management, MSc Strategic Marketing)

For Inspiring Brilliant Minds

  • Amin Siala (MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management)
  • Alex Reed (MSc Management)
  • HEI Group: Olaoluwamide Akinwuntan, Safa Al-Musawi, Sarah Khavandi, Rachel Lee, Felicite Mukeshimana, Obiejesie Ekelemnna, Joyce Omatseye (IBSc)

For Pioneering Practical Solutions

  • Tatiana Arventi (Full Time MBA)
  • SSC JH/ IBSc Management: Jonathan (Femi) Williamson-Taylor, Charlmane Lun, Rachel (Xi Lin) Lee, Louis Agha-Mir-Salim, Danielle Hart (Joint Honours/ IBSc)

For Sustainable Business Thinking

Green Minds Project: Sara Maria Moubarak, Helene Van Caenegem, Mark Daly, Liall Medina, Alexandre Lombardi, Valentin Jahn (MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance)

For an Alumnus who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the Business School community, through volunteering and enhancing student experience and learning

Sahil Shukla (FTMBA 2015)

The Imperial Women’s Network – Xia Chen (MSc Management 2015), Sidsel Rytter Bockhahn (MBA 2011), & Andrea Solana (MBA 2014)