How does our approach work? 

When creating a custom programme, we take a structured yet highly adaptable approach to design. The magic happens when we collaborate with you from the start, diagnosing your challenges, understanding your needs, and crafting the perfect blend of cutting-edge research and industry expertise to solve your business challenges and deliver lasting impact.

Embark on a collaborative impact mapping journey to explore and diagnose your unique organisational and business challenges, strategic goals, and cultural values. Our combined expertise ensures a precise and comprehensive summary report, laying the foundation for the programme design.

With the summary report as our guide, we embark on a co-design journey, leveraging Imperial’s best faculty, industry experts and learning methodologies, combined with your own experts, to create a fully customised programme that delivers transformational impact, both at the individual and organisational levels.  

Every element is meticulously developed and refined until the programme design is perfectly customised to your business.

During delivery our focus is on creating an exceptional action orientated experience. We check in with you and your learners throughout, ensuring that the learning is being embedded and your objectives for sustained impact are being met.

Follow-up is a key component of our approach, ensuring sustained benefits for both learners and other employees within the organisation. Assessing the effectiveness of the learning requires not just measuring knowledge and skills acquisition, but also evaluating their real-world application so that learning is not just absorbed, but embedded. 

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Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a top-tier global strategic management consulting firm providing integrated expertise in business and digital innovation to organisations around the world.
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A tailored programme crafted to address the pressing needs of healthcare professionals.
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Panasonic, Imperial College Business School and National University of Singapore collaborated to design a Global Leadership Programme with modules delivered in both London and Singapore.

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"An innovative, forward thinking organisation like Imperial is the perfect partner to take our high class clinicians and develop them into leaders of our industry."
Claire Murdoch CBE
Chief Executive of CNWL NHS
Claire Murdoch CBE