Customised Programmes

Tailor-made programmes for your organisation and its unique challenges

Imperial College was established to help find answers to real-life problems through research and breakthrough science.  We base our approach to customised Executive Education on elements of great scientific discovery that have helped build  Imperial College’s reputation over the past 100 years. 

We believe you should judge the success of a customised Executive Education programme by the impact that follows it. That is why we co-create our custom programmes with our clients' needs at heart, to support you in finding answers to your organisation's dilemmas. The result? New, successful and sustainable business practice. 

When you engage us to work on projects with you, we'll follow a process of: 

  • Enquiry about what has happened before, how you judge success, and why the programme is important for you; 
  • Collaboration on the design and delivery of the programme through working across the full bandwidth of Imperial's faculty, disciplines, expertise and network as needed; 
  • Experimentation-based learning that follows a blended format, and creating a learning environment where it is safe to practically test new ideas; 
  • Application directly to organisational challenges and measuring business improvements and innovations through conducting post-programme impact studies.     

Examples of our work

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