Start date:
Five to six years
Applications are now closed
Fully funded
London, UK

Conduct innovative research

Marketing faculty and PhD students are part of the Department of Analytics & Operations. PhD students have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty whose projects engage a range of different industries as well as qualitative and quantitative researchers from across Imperial.

Faculty members examine a number of key challenges, from the differing notion of brand attachment to managing employee and customer behaviour, from aggregating and understanding diverse information sources in decision-making to the nature of purchase decisions, strategic marketing problems such as long-term effectiveness of digital and non-digital marketing efforts, statistical modelling and testing, modelling cross-market (spatial) dependencies for both Internet and non-Internet data. 

You may also be co-supervised by faculty in other departments in the School, depending on your research interests.  

Career impact

Teaching experience

PhD students on the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) scholarship will undertake 150 hours of teaching assistant duties from year three of the programme. There will be opportunities for PhD students to engage in teaching activities within the Business School’s programmes on our analytics and big data modules on programmes such as MSc Business Analytics and our MBA suite.

Doctoral theses in Marketing




Vian Sharif

Exploring self-based consumer behaviour approaches to understanding demand reduction for rhino horn and ivory 

Professor Andreas Eisingerich and Professor Eleanor Milner-Gulland

Britney Wang

Three Paths to Brand Growth: New Product Introduction, Digital Advertising, and Crowdfunding

Dr Catarina Sismeiro, Dr Gokhan Yildirim and Professor Tommaso Valletti