Centre for Responsible Leadership

The Centre for Responsible Leadership at Imperial College Business School helps businesses redefine their approach to leadership.

Drawing on academic theory and business practice, the centre focuses on generating meaningful change in businesses and organisations through evidence-based research that addresses the key economic, social, environmental and technological challenges facing organisations today. We help businesses and organisations to identify practices that will improve their approach to leadership and boost overall performance.

Why do we need responsible leadership?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis presents an opportunity to rethink how business is conducted, how societies are managed, and to adopt more innovative and entrepreneurial approaches as exemplified in Imperial College London’s unique deep science culture and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

It is a crucial time for organisations to incorporate the principles of responsible leadership into their business models. Leaders need to respond to challenges such as mitigating environmental damage, economic and geopolitical realignment, and provide opportunities to increase equality, diversity and inclusiveness in their employment practices. It is critical that organisations leverage opportunities made available by digital transformation, and create a sense of social purpose beyond profit.

Responsible: The Podcast

Professor Celia Moore invites leaders to share insights from their experience of transforming organisations and making societal impact

Featured article

Imperial Many Minds podcast

Professor Celia Moore and alumnus Avni Vij discuss how flexible working can work for women, and discuss how gender expectations still prevalent in the workplace affect their success.

Partnership with Citi

Imperial College London will be partnering with Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) on this important initiative. Content and results will be used across Citi and its wider stakeholder community, as well as being made available to leaders in financial services and across industry and governments. Imperial College Business School will also offer relevant Executive Education programmes. 


"We are delighted to be collaborating with Imperial College Business School on this exciting and vitally important initiative. Our experience of the financial crisis has provided us with valuable lessons for how firms can survive a major crisis by adopting a more ethical approach to leadership. It also helps contribute to the broader ESG agenda, which is of increasing importance for all organisations. We look forward to sharing our insights and drawing on Imperial’s research excellence to come up with solutions for our global network of clients and partners who are seeking to transform leadership within their organisations."
Naveed Sultan
Chairman, Institutional Clients Group, Citi
Naveed Sultan