Healthcare Management Courses that lead to better outcomes for patients, healthcare organisations & society.

Major forces are slowly reshaping healthcare into a truly 21st century data-driven, patient-centric paradigm. These involve a convergence of technology, organisational and policy trends. Given the mounting demands on health services from megatrends such as an ageing population and “known-unknowns” such as climate change, standing still is not an option. Around the world, health care leaders need to rethink the way services are designed and delivered. Our health management courses are designed to equip clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals across the value chain with the knowledge skills and behaviours to be at the top of their game in delivering the best outcomes for patients, healthcare organisations and society. Whether you are a policymaker, senior leader from the healthcare industry such as pharma, med-tech, and IT, learn from experts across Imperial and beyond how to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of healthcare. Our healthcare management courses are available online and on-campus.

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