Economics & Public Policy

Start date:
Five to six years
Applications are now closed
Fully funded
London, UK

Conduct research that informs policy and practice at global, national and local levels

The economics faculty sit within the Department of Economics and Public Policy. Faculty research interests cover a wide range of topics, including the economics of the environment, innovation, health, development, infrastructure and cities, energy and housing.   

You may also be co-supervised by faculty in other departments in the School, depending on your research interests. 

Career impact

Teaching experience

PhD students on the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) scholarship will undertake 150 hours of teaching assistant duties from year three of the programme. There will be opportunities for PhD students to engage in teaching activities within the Business School’s programmes, such as MSc Economics & Strategy for Business, our MBA suite, and our BSc Economics, Finance & Data Science. 

Doctoral Theses in Economics & Public Policy


Thesis title


Quentin Coutellier

Economics of energy demand: evaluation of smart meter policies, technologies and consumption behaviour in the domestic sector in the UK 

Dr Mirabelle Muuls and Dr Ralf Martin

Alexa Segal

Targeting childhood obesity policy: an ecological and human capital framework 

Professor Franco Sassi and Professor Marisa Miraldo

Tamar Gomez

Essays on economic development, violence and infrastructure 

Dr Mirabelle Muuls and Professor Carol Propper