our approach

Our approach to learning

Our learning journey methodology ensures that all our programmes align around your needs to deliver measurable learning and business results. Imperial’s global reputation in educational technology influences all we do in Executive Education. Our online and integrated design and delivery capabilities are at the very forefront of what is possible. In all formats, we provide expert academic and practical commercially focussed facilitation. Using our programme design capabilities we create remarkable experiences, sustainable impact as well as new relationships and increased potential.

Different ways you can learn with us

On campus

Our state-of-the-art Executive Education Centre is specifically designed to foster the ideal learning environment. Our facility provides dedicated teaching, break out, catering and workspaces that, unlike a traditional lecture theatre environment, fully maximise your opportunities to collaborate, network and learn effectively.


Our virtual programmes deliver the same content and meet the same learning objectives as our on-campus programmes.  Using the latest technology, participants receive an experience that fosters collaboration, networking and the building of interpersonal relationships with fellow participants, faculty and contributors.  

Participants embark on a learning journey of between one and four weeks according to the programme that they join. Live sessions with our experts take place daily for no more than two hours. These are engaging sessions that include interactive discussions, exercises and activities designed to meet learning objectives and to hold attention. Live sessions combine with networking, discussion, and interactive exercises on our learning platform, developed by Imperial’s world renowned, award winning Edtech Lab. 

The only technology requirement is a stable broadband connection, a computer with a camera and microphone, and a free Zoom account.  


Imperial College Business School has its own award-winning centre of educational technology. The Edtech Lab is a team of specialists in online learning design and pedagogy.

We have developed our own learning platform that leverages our expertise in online teaching to create an interactive, varied, personalised and supportive learning experience.

We create people-centric learning experiences. From conception through to delivery, we are guided by the principle that learning is a creative, personal and, above all, human process. Our high quality, crafted learning environments are highly interactive, community-orientated and actively tutored. Our programmes offer an engaging experience designed to facilitate natural learning behaviours.

Or learning team is constantly on-hand to support participants through the learning experience. All online programme participants receive a digital certificate upon completion of the programme.