Mishaal Majeed


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Imperial College Business School takes pride in its diverse student body. In line with our commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity, we are pleased to extend scholarship opportunities to African students whom we believe will enrich and contribute to the Imperial community. 

Mishaal Majeed, MSc International Health Management student (now Global Health Management) shares her experience achieving the Africa Regional scholarship, what it means to her and her advice for prospective students. 

Education: Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh), University of Witwatersrand.

Nationality: South African

My motivation for studying Imperial’s MSc International Health Management programme 

Having worked in an under-resourced and overburdened healthcare system of a developing nation, I have experienced first-hand the challenges that both patients and providers face when it comes to healthcare management. Through previous experience, I have developed an interest in branching out and understanding the more non-clinical aspects of medicine, as well as exploring the contributions I can make towards healthcare equality at a global level. The MSc International Health Management programme presented as the perfect opportunity for me to step into this learning curve and gain the necessary knowledge, skills and insight into global healthcare management. 

Imperial College Business School is pleased to announce the MSc Global Health Management has launched for September 2024 entry. The new MSc Global Health Management replaces the programme previously known as International Health Management.


What the Africa Regional scholarship means to me 

When I found out I received this scholarship, I was surprised, ecstatic and immensely grateful. I was thrilled to have been awarded this opportunity, and it honestly felt great to know that all my efforts were not just acknowledged, but also appreciated.  

In addition to the immense value contributed to both my academic and professional roles, this recognition holds particular significance in my personal life as well. My experience working as a doctor in a developing nation has inspired me to go beyond my geographical and clinical healthcare learnings. I’m motivated by the desire to both expand my knowledge on healthcare systems and contribute my own learned skills and understandings towards improving global healthcare. I am truly passionate about helping others.  My desire to improve health and wellbeing has progressively extended from service provision at an individual level to service delivery at a more population-based global level. This scholarship, offered by Imperial College Business School has encouraged the opportunity for me to step into this extension, and in doing so, has enabled me to pursue my passion with an even greater vigour. 


My motivations behind applying for this scholarship 

What’s great about this process is that I didn’t have to apply separately for this scholarship – by submitting my Master’s programme application within a certain deadline, I was deemed automatically eligible based on my South African background aligning with the scholarship’s set geographic criteria. 

Growing up in the multi-cultural country of South Africa, I have developed diverse comprehensions, as well as an eagerness to engage with and learn from individuals who hold thoughts, ideas and viewpoints that are different from my own. I believe that every interaction with someone is a chance for you to both learn something and teach something, and engaging with others from different backgrounds inspires a deeper, more educative and empathetic way of living. 

My motivation hence stems from wanting to contribute towards the cultivation of a society that is not just geographically and culturally diverse, but also one that is engaging, understanding, caring and curious. 


The impact of my scholarship on my academic and personal goals 

This scholarship helps support my personal goals – by allowing me to pursue my passion of helping others. Academically, it will allow me to gain knowledge and insight into global healthcare management and enable me to pursue a meaningful and fulfilling career in this domain. 

This scholarship brings plenty of networking opportunities. At the beginning of the term, there was a breakfast held for scholarship recipients which allowed us all to meet and get to know one another – it was a really nice experience. We had the opportunity to attend a ‘VIP’ reception before Imperial’s Winter Party at the Natural History Museum. This included scholarship holders and DSAC members. It was a great evening to network with other student peers.  


Advice for prospective scholarship applicants 

My advice would be to put forward your most authentic self. Think about what makes you unique – what features of your past, present and future you believe will stand out. You need to be able to communicate and express how you’ve shaped up to become the person that you are and what positive changes you want to bring to the world moving forward. 

Also – don’t doubt yourself! Take advantage of every opportunity and experience that comes your way and make the most of it.