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My heart skips a beat. I have been accepted to my top programme of choice, MSc Management at Imperial College Business School. But how did I get there? Well it was quite the long journey.

The beginning

A few years ago, I finished my Bachelor’s degree. Having finished my studies in the UK and fallen in love with London, I was faced with a dilemma. Either start a Master’s degree straight away or work for a bit before doing a Master’s degree afterwards. I accepted a job with a technology company with the idea in mind of working there one to two years and then going back to full time study. 

The decision

A little more than a year later, I had just gotten promoted, but I still yearned to learn more and get a Master’s. I decided to look into different Master’s programmes in December to be on time to apply to any Master’s programme I might want. After looking into different Master’s programmes, MSc Management caught my eye, due to modules like Innovation Management and Marketing Decisions, and the unique opportunities the programme offers, such as exchanges in foreign countries and a great network.

To make sure I was making the right decision, I reached out to different people who have studied at Imperial College Business School, in particular the programme that I was interested in. All I got were stellar reviews, with people telling me how much they enjoyed their time at Imperial and the learnings they got there. 

I watched some videos of students who did the programme and made my final decision. MSc Management was my top choice, a programme that will help me reach new heights, whether in startups, multinational companies or even my own business one day.

The hard work begins

While working a full-time job, I needed to do the full process of applying to Imperial, starting with getting my transcripts translated then sending them back to my school. I also needed to write cover letters, explaining why I wanted to join the MSc Management programme and Imperial College London. Although intensive, the application process is straightforward and after completing my interview, all that was left for me was to wait. 

Three weeks after completing my interview for the programme, I got THE email; I’d been accepted to Imperial! I felt excited and relieved, knowing that the next year would be spent meeting tremendous people and learning new skills that will last me a lifetime!

Why not do it too?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably thinking of applying, you’re starting to apply or you have already applied. If you’re in the same situation as I was, it might be difficult to write cover letters, do video interviews, contact your previous professors for reference letters and work full-time on the side, but with motivation, you can do it all and get the Master’s programme of your dreams! 

In my experience, it is best to set aside time to do your research before choosing a Master’s programme and a school — you’ll be investing a whole year here, so make sure it is what you want. 

Start this search early on so you then have time to apply for your chosen programme without any stress. Speak to current or former students, we’ll always be available to help you out! 

Also, practice before your interview — make sure you have read the programme thoroughly and you know why you are applying and what excites you about the programme. 

Most importantly, remember that through the late nights writing cover letters, you can and will do it! Good luck to you on your journey to Imperial.

Clotilde Moullec, MSc Management 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School

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Clotilde Moullec, MSc Management 2020-21